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presenting: WGT Hall of Fame......and all notable results & achievements

Sun, Aug 6 2023 11:17 AM (96 replies)
  • GoodyChamp
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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 4:48 AM

    DISCLAIMER: This forum topic hasn't been updated since 06-18-2012 and it won't anymore. Feel free 2 continue if you like. If so please contact me so I can add the new link overhere. Thx.


                                                        Latest news: 

    Virtual U.S. Open Championship Rounds have started, winner will be the next member of the Hall of Fame.......

    JCOlson wins Virtual U.S. Open B9 Chal. with an outstanding score of 22.29 ft

    .......... tournaments added .......Coursehomepages added                                .....all links revisited.......Tournaments updated....



    Who will be the new member of the WGT Hall of Fame, see

    VIRTUAL U.S. OPEN 2012  






    The WGT Hall Of Fame comprises Majorwinners     

    and honorary members tibbets & andyson 











     US Open Champion 2012



    The WGT HoF videotribute:    




        US OPEN     

    Virtual U.S. Open Championship   2011           mrenn29

    USGA Virtual Championship   2010                  BolloxInBruges

    Virtual U.S. Open Championship   2009           NASAGolfer



         The OPEN


    Virtual Open Championship   2011              StoneColdKiller

    Virtual Open Championship   2010              AvatarLee







                 Player of the Year (arbitrary)

                 2011                         BolloxInBruges

                 2010                         AvatarLee

                                       2009 (and before) tibbets


                   Rookie of the Year (arbitrary)

                   2011                         genorb




                Best female player (arbitrary)

                2011                         PRIESTESS




               Lowest average   (more info)

               to date                     dansamcam


                Most Ranked Rounds 

                to date                      yoban



                  Highest Career Earnings

                  to date                      BolloxInBruges



                 Most successful CC (based on earnings)

                 to date                       The Deviations 



           Lowest Round on WGT* 

           to date                       RUNWME

    Honorable Mention. RUNWME's 49 was the first ever sub 50 round on WGT,                          shot at 05-06-2012 during the Sun Safe Classic                                                       (White tees, Moderate Wind & TM Tournament greens).     

          sorecards, click for full size           




    Other notable Tournament Results


    Virtual U.S. Open Front 9 Challenge 2012             Win1Soon                            

    Virtual U.S. Open Back 9 Challenge 2012             JCOlson

    Winter Tour Championship  2012             BolloxInBruges

    Fall Tour Championship 2011/2012           BolloxInBruges


    Blair O'Neal Challenge 2012  US/Canada only    BolloxInBruges

    Memorial Weekend Tourn. 2012               Win1Soon


    Harbour Town Special Tournament 2012             RUNWME


    Legends Leap-Day Tournament 2012              Buckthebuck


    Sun Safe Classic 2012     May    June (IP)             


      NKF Cadillac Golf Classic 2012  June (IP)                    



    Virtual U.S. Open Front 9 Challenge 2011              jakestanfill7 

              Virtual U.S. Open Back 9 Challenge 2011              BolloxInBruges 

    Virtual Open Front 9 Challenge 2011                     BolloxInBruges 

    Virtual Open Back 9 Challenge 2011                      jakestanfill7 


    The Virtual Ketel One Cup Championship 2011      PGAbound67 


    The LPGA Virtual Championship 2011                      Stryker37


     NKF Cadillac Golf Classic 2011    jul/aug   sep/oct   oct/nov   nov/dec                



    Virtual Open Front 9 Challenge 2010                         GLADSTONESCREWER

              Virtual Open Back 9 Challenge 2010                          kookeysfamily

    USGA Front 9 Challenge 2010                                      

              USGA Back 9 Challenge 2010                                      GLADSTONESCREWER


    The KLM Open Tournament  2010                     BolloxInBruges 






    Virtual US Open Nation Tiered Tourn. #3                      jbooch09 

             Virtual US Open Nation Tiered Tourn. #2                      Funkyjunkie3000

             Virtual US Open Nation Weekly Tiered Tourn.             Astruccio




                                               Non WGT Tournaments

             Ryder Cup 2011

             Ryder Cup 2010

             Ryder Cup 2009


    The Hustle


    The Hustle - Sweet 16


    Legend $400 SkyCaddy tournament    won by   AllyKennedy



    WGF Tour 2012 (Start 07-01-12 - Sign-ups closed!)


    The WGA Tour Season 2011


    The 2010 WGA Tour





    Other Stats - Submitted by player or searched by poster, unconfirmed  

    (click pic for full size pic, or text for replay, enjoy ;-)



       Top 5  Longest holed Putt    


    1)        254ft (no replay)                     CarlosSainz

    2)        253ft     SA #5                          law4822

    3)        236ft     SA #7                          BolloxInBruges 

    4)        232ft     SA #5                          jordanisawesome   

    5)        231ft     SA #5                          jimbean346

    6)        222ft     SA #7                          AvatarLee

    7)        216ft     SA #12                        ianoflood



       Top 10  Longest holed Approachshot   

    1)      283yds double eagle OCC #12          GambitMaia 


    1)     283yds (no info/replay)                          JJ656 


    3)     279yds double eagle OCC #12          borntobesting


    4)     275yds double eagle SA #14              DarSum


    5)     258yds double eagle RSG #14          cecco80


    6)     257yds double eagle SA #14              tiaz79


    6)      257yds eagle BB #7                              pricehcs 


    8)  256yds double eagle KI #7                      Gobarg


    8)     256yds double eagle RSG #14            hillj2


    8)     256yds double eagle KI  #16                renniw52


    11)     255yds double eagle RSG #14           hrvang


    12)     252yds double eagle KI #11                bluey403




       Top 5 Longest Drive   


    1)          461 yds Cabo                                                 mrenn29    

    2)          453 yds (no info/replay)                                skynyrdinards

    3)          451 yds (no info/replay)                                yoban

    4)          436 yds Cabo                                                 WickedWoman

    5)          434 yds (no info/replay)                                Wesdogg75






           Kiawah Island                                            49 



           Bethpage Black                                         51


           St Andrews                                                 52


           Oakmont Country Club                            52


           Congressional Country Club                  52


           Royal St George's                                      52


           The Olympic Club                                       53                       




               Cabo del Sol                                                49   



               Whistler                                                        52





               Best of Famous Holes                              53



               Best of Hardest Holes                               NA  






    49 cartoons ;-)


    Last update: 06-18-2012

  • GoodyChamp
    595 Posts
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 4:48 AM


    Guess there's a need 4 some kind of a HoF. Since WGT hasn't any plans 2 come with a HoF (see: why not do it ourselves.

    It's just a start. Imho at least the Majorwinners should be in. Guess there's other players who deserve 2 be placed on the HoF. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Since I'm not a photoshopgenious (the contrary would be more appropriate ;-), it would be nice if someone with DTP experience can make a more professional looking HoF which can serve as the HoF in the first post. Or perhaps even better, a kinda HTML/Flashbased HoF, which can be updated and edited easily. And when clicking on it a larger version will appear....just thinking ;-) Please feel free 2 let me know when you're the man/woman 4 this job.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 04-26-2012

    As you can see in the opening post I've made a division between the Hall of Fame and other notable achievements/tournaments. All important tournaments have been listed. I think that's it 4 now. I'm still looking 4 some tournament leaderboard links though. Please submit if you have them cause it ain't possible 2 get it from WGT anymore. Do you think there's other important tournaments still missing, please let me now.

    As far as the stats concerned, I've 2 apalogize 4 the moment. Right now it ain't possible 4 WGT 2 provide them. If there's news about this, I'll let you know.

    Thx 4 all your contributions (sofar)!

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 04-27-2012

    Thx 2 genorb all tournament leaderboards are available. Think we're complete now.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-04-2012

    New tournaments have been added including some non-WGT tournaments. Also added "lowest average".

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-07-2012

    "Lowest round on WGT" added + Honoarable Mention 4 RUNWME 4 a 1st ever sub 50 round + Tournament results added and updated.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-08-2012

    "Most successful CC'' added + 3 new stats: submitted Longest drive, putt and approachshotHere's how it works. When you've a replay of a drive over 430 yds, a putt over 250ft, or a holed approachshot over 250yds, please submit the replay and it will be registrated in the OP. It has 2 be in a ranked round and in your stats 2. Not sure about the final format but I'm thinking of a Top3 4 each category.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-10-2012

    No submissions yet 4 the 3 new stats categories (see above). Thinking of starting a seperate thread 2 get more attention 4 this. Already have done some research myself 4 longest putt. Has been added.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-15-2012

     "Top 10  longest holed app. shot" added + some modifications.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-16-2012

    "Top 5 longest drive"added, based on What's your longest drive?? Thread. Please submit (including the replay) your longest drive, putt, app shot when it's better than the current scores and it will be placed in the relevant Top5/Top10.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 05-29-2012

    Wanna give it a try 2 start with courserecords. This 1 is tricky cause there's different variables (tees, greenspeed, wind) and it's hard 2 keep an eye on all low scores posted. 2 keep things simple I'll start with absolute low scores. Already have 2 4 sure, that's both 49's on KI and Cabo. Others I'm not sure of so please help me if you can.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 06-04-2012

    dansamcam 1st player 2 break 54.00 Average. Tournaments updated. Courserecords (unconfirmed) + links added. Please let me know when there's lower scores.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 06-06-2012

    Countdown clock 2 VUSO added - only 11 days 2 go + New section 'various' added including '49'cartoons + CR Whistler added: 54 in a RG, not sure though it's the lowest score. 

    Think it's nice 2 have CR's 4 Best of Hardest and Famous holes 2. Please submit.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 06-11-2012

    Some non-WGT tournaments added + CR BOFH: 53. Still don't have the CR 4 BOHH, please submit (inluding the link) when you know about a 54 score or lower.

    ATTENTION: Wanna ask all of you 2 check the stats overhere and reply in this thread, or post a message on my wall, when you know about better scores than mentioned, thx.


    Note: Guess I have 2 make something more clear about this thread, cause I've noticed some confusion. It's called "presenting: WGT Hall of Fame......and all notable results & achievements". 

    That means this thread has 2 sections, 1) The HOF and 2) notable results & achievements.

    Right now as you can see at the start of this thread, there's only 6 players in the HOF itself, i.e. the Major-winners and the extraordinary Legend, the 'godfather of WGT', tibbets. All other players in the Opening Post of this thread are in there cause of  "notable results & achievements", so that ain't a part of the actual HOF itself

    Think a HOF is something special and we should keep it like that. My idea is that every Major-winner is in there and maybe some other players who have achieved something extraordinary. Not sure what that will be, but it has 2 be really special....E.g. a 'player of the year' elected by other players might be a possible contender.

    Well...., hopefully that clarifies the most ;-). When you still have any question or suggestion, please tell me.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 06-14-2012

    "WGT Nation Tournaments" added + Course homepages added + all links revisited - opening in new tabs.

    Cheers, GC


    Edit 08-26-2016

    New member of WGT HOF: Andyson

  • andyson
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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:31 AM

    Working on it. GC 

    These players are indeed SuperMen!

  • Richard4168
    4,309 Posts
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:37 AM

    Well done GC.

  • godelescher
    636 Posts
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:39 AM

    Nice work GC.

    Can you make the various Majors text links to the final tournament standings? (Not to be a PITA, but this also seems like it might be a good thread to add "Course Records", though that might be impossible)

    Very nice initiative on your part and a good idea to boot.

  • godelescher
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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:49 AM

    Alright, I've had too much coffee and now I can't shut up. I have another idea...

    With regard to player of the year honors, instead of making an arbitrary decision that virtually assures dissent, what if it was like a coach's poll or a sportswriter's poll.

    Take Genorb's top 100 list for a specified date (Jan 1st, for example) and let the top 100 vote on POY honors.

    3 pts for a first place vote

    2 pts for a second place vote

    1 pt for a third place vote

    Tally up the votes, whoever has the most points, as voted on by their peers, is the POY.

  • GoodyChamp
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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:52 AM

    Thx fellas 4 your nice replies. I would love 2 link the Majors 2 the final standings but its hard 2 find them. They ain't available in "tournament results" anymore. Searched the forums a bit but havent found them yet. Any tips about this are welcome as well as any info about "course records". Perhaps Icon would love 2 give us some info ;-)

    Cheers, GC

  • GoodyChamp
    595 Posts
    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:57 AM


    Alright, I've had too much coffee and now I can't shut up. I have another idea...

    Take Genorb's top 100 list for a specified date (Jan 1st, for example) and let the top 100 vote on POY honors.

    Here's another cup 4 u godelescher.....;-), think it's a fine idea 2 do it like that 4 this year. 

    Cheers, GC


  • DarSum
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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 7:59 AM


    Along with this I wish there was somehow to find course records for ranked rounds.


  • genorb
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    Thu, Apr 19 2012 8:10 AM


    Thx fellas 4 your nice replies. I would love 2 link the Majors 2 the final standings but its hard 2 find them. They ain't available in "tournament results" anymore. Searched the forums a bit but havent found them yet. Any tips about this are welcome as well as any info about "course records". Perhaps Icon would love 2 give us some info ;-)

    Cheers, GC

    I just sent you a bunch of links. I didn't find all of them but severals (I am sure gifted members can find the missing links). I have also links for the various open/US open CTTH. I think the winner deserve also to be in this hall of fame.