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Desktop Update 11/4/19

Fri, Nov 8 2019 12:44 PM (68 replies)
  • WGTChampion
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 4:21 PM


    - Mouse wheel can now be used to switch between clubs

    Good start on the updates. This feature's a little off, it only scrolls through the odd numbered clubs.

    I just tested this again and I am able to scroll easily through every single club. It may be that you have your mouse to scroll differently than default. Looking into it further on our end.


    will we be able to have avatars we bought on pc to play on new present we cant use our pc avatars.thx.


    Eventually yes, but I would expect that they will come in as clothing options rather than a full pre-made avatar. I don't have official details on this yet. 



  • Smoke11
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 4:30 PM

    Much appreciated Champion for the updates.

    I play with more than one screen. When I mouse over to my chart screen my play screen goes into hiding. Is this my computer doing this or is it in the game?


  • DavStan
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 4:42 PM

    I also noticed when aiming with the mini map, the aim arc is way lower than it should be looking at it from the Tee, not a big deal I guess, just thought I would mention it!


    P. S. also would be nice to be able to turn putter pal and shot pal on and off on the meter bar instead of going into settings! I don't mind all the percentage lines but when I'm teeing off I like a clean looking meter for some reason.

  • hpurey
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 5:02 PM

    I will double check my mouse wheel settings but in a couple of head to head matches in the last few minutes it was scrolling through about 8 clubs LOL  was pretty annoying.  And I can't get the screen size right on my laptop at home to use small screen like at work. :(  


    Yes I like to use excel for keeping notes but at this rate I'll have to resort back to paper notes again LOL.  





    changing mouse wheel settings worked,  Was on scroll 3 lines at a time, changed to 1 and works now.

    The ball rolling on the green looks like crap though.  The callaway triple track graphics at least.


  • hpurey
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 5:09 PM

    also,  not sure how to use the notebook I have and the messages from opponents come to me in mutiples of 8 or 9 but they say I only send it once lol.


    **EDIT,actually get the correct number of replies now that my mouse wheel settings changed, coincidence?

  • salamicus
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 5:14 PM



    changing mouse wheel settings worked,  Was on scroll 3 lines at a time, changed to 1 and works now.


    3 lines at a time is default settings in windows, and works well with any game on planet earth. I just started game different times..and scrolling sometimes works ..sometimes not. Magic :)

    Although I see bigger issues than scroll in this game..but others seems don't. Nevermind..proceed




  • el3n1
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 7:29 PM

    when playing in some 16:9 resolution? 

    I wondered if there would be one aspect ratio that looked more playable than another... i have used 4:3 and while it is smaller screen on desktop i dont seem to have the same problems others have mentioned... it actually seems consistent with the mobile tablet i use. I  havent tested the other aspect ratios but they appear to distort things to my eye.  

    Another complaint i heard was  not seeing green speed in coin games before hitting have been around for a long time... mobile players just accepted what they were given, despite asking for this to be provided over and over... at some point a work a round if you happen to hit second was to tap on the upper left corner and you could get a view of green speed if your opponent held the green.  But it can alter your shot type into a green... 


  • fireman33
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    Mon, Nov 4 2019 8:19 PM

    Thanks for the updates as everyone is in a hurry. Take your time and get it right is the main thing for now.

  • rettenden
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    Tue, Nov 5 2019 12:59 AM

    thx nik for your reply.champ thx for the info very much appreciated.


  • DonCaron
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    Tue, Nov 5 2019 4:31 AM


    Maybe we need to check our mousewheel scroll settings, you can adjust it to scroll pages by large amounts for a little wheel movement.  : )

    For Windows 10

    Settings>Devices>Mouse and you can adjust how may lines it scrolls