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Thu, Mar 30 2023 6:18 AM (111 replies)
  • AnaNikolaj
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    Fri, Mar 24 2023 8:26 AM


    She is he by the don't even know who the great players are in here after all these years, but you know that hundreds of coin room players can hit easily 18 birdies.



    Thank you for the clarification and for the compliment, although it's debatable, if the latter is deserved. Mind you, if they ever start a leaderboard for off ding putters, who average 60 secs per hole, I'd be fairly high 😉




    @ Paul.    Ana's my ex and Nikolaj's our 6 year old, hence the name. Luckily, I'm a few years older than my kid, so no need to worry about getting reported for calling me an expletive 🤣🤣🤣.   Smh

  • billycash74
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    Fri, Mar 24 2023 9:51 AM

    can only hope that lifetime ban comes sooner rather than later

  • DodgyPutter
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    Fri, Mar 24 2023 10:16 AM



    Yiannis, Master tees are not assumed, all veteran showdowns are played from them, just like all Casablanca coin rounds are played from Master tees. There's zero % chance you played yours from the tips. Nobody does in veteran showdowns. 


    I can assure you the 3 holes i played at STA (one of them was No17), they were on the back tees. Now...i realize what you are saying but you know well that sometimes even in this format, you get only the back tees on certain courses (for example, i have never hit a tee on No17 from a different tee spot).

    There's a fair bit of opinion in this thread and of course that's fair enough.  What's not opinion is that you played from the Master tees, everyone in the Veteran Showdown does. Everyone in Veteran also played the same holes, another fact, although not necessarily in the same order.  The player you think cheated played from these shorter tees with all their apparel at Level 10, the first is a fact and latter highly probable (it's what they had equipped when I looked). 

    FYI the three holes at St A's were 1, 15 and 17; what I played into 1 is irrelevant as I only hit about 87% on the drive, 15 I had 82yds to the pin and 17 131yds.  The winds were about 10-12mph from memory.  These holes were not fearsome in the conditions I had.


    But, talking about conditions and level playing fields, i would like to close with a statement from a moderator 11 years ago:


    ''Do you believe us when we say that we don't do so in an individual, unknown, shady deal but rather in public, across the board manner that affects every player the exact same way? This is for the consumer to decide.''


    Every player in the exact same way!!!

    So...the if this, if that, if the other one argument becomes somehow pointless after the above statement.

    What!?  You know that was about equipment and VEM.  I was out of this but using a partial quote like that to change what's said is wrong. Here's something fuller with your bit in bold (my bold).  Not sure why the last bit is bold, maybe just to do some random manipulation of what's supposed to be a quote.

    Essentially, the patent is for legal protection. It does give us the right to change the properties of clubs and balls, which we do often, but mainly it is for protecting the legal side of WGT. Whenever we exercise our right to change clubs and/or balls given to us by this patent, we do so unilaterally, and we tell the community about it. The only reasons we would do this is for balancing or bug correcting purposes.

    Now, back to the question that keeps coming up "Does WGT have the capability to manipulate individual player's equipment?" The answer is yes, we have the capability to do nearly anything to anyone, any course, any time, anywhere. The next question you should ask is "Does the video game I play operate in such an underhanded way that they would practice this capability?"

    The reason I say "the video game I play" and not "WGT" is because I want to make the point that similar companies has similar capabilities to manipulate the environment they produce.  Think of any other similar online game you have played. Did you trust them to operate honestly? To provide a level playing field for all players? If you did, I assume you stuck around a while. If you didn't, then I wouldn't blame you for spending your recreational time elsewhere.

    This is essentially what this question boils down to - yes, WGT has the power to manipulate the environment and/or clubs and balls they produce. Do you believe us when we say that we don't do so in an individual, unknown, shady deal but rather in a public, across the board manner that affects every player the exact same way? This is for the consumer to decide. We give you our word that we do not abuse the power of VEM, nor do we give our players the capability to do so. What you do with this information is your choice.

    I am certain there will still be "conspiracy theorists" out there who believe otherwise, and that is expected and perfectly acceptable. The only problem is when these theories are stated as facts. When someone passionately devotes so much time and effort into mastering a game, it is inevitable that at certain times they will fail when they feel the opposite outcome should have happened. The natural reaction that humans come to when they think they have all their bases covered but still fail is transference.

  • Yiannis1970
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    Fri, Mar 24 2023 10:47 AM

    I just give up...of course it was a quote from VEM. VEM controls everything...BYE!!!

  • AnaNikolaj
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    Fri, Mar 24 2023 11:17 AM



    I believe #17 has the same distance tees for Masters and for legends? Not 100% sure on that one. Otherwise, your opinions are completely valid, regardless of if we agree or not.


    As for the tees, just for fun pay attention on where you're teeing off in the final. I'm 100 % sure all tees are blue ("hard", "Master"), even if they're the same length as the tips on a few holes (as some are). I'm positive everyone else can vouch for that as well. 

    I'm 100% certain that they're random tees it'll be a different green speed on every round.


    And you're 100% wrong. The green speeds, the wind strength and even the pin locations (where there are different pins available) are all random. But the tees aren't. They're always Master tees (in veteran mode). All rounds are played in Casablanca room against any player who plays that room either as a showdown or just a normal coin game. And Casablanca has Master tees set as default, FOR ANY given round played there. You can verify that for yourself. They DO NOT change the room's default settings for people playing the SD. 

  • BOZskills
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    Fri, Mar 24 2023 3:57 PM

    Pdb, you say there may be the occasional cheater. Where's your proof?