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One for the number crunchers

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Thu, Sep 10 2015 2:45 PM (150 replies)
  • MBaggese
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    Tue, Aug 18 2015 3:18 PM


     Lol fk it . Not editing it . It is what it is . 

    really no more money spent than 5 CC's with 50 players each who are active as well.
      How do you figure ? That statement astounds me . 100 to 200 XP's each per day for the big CC's . Opposed to what would be 10's of thousands XP's each per day for a 50 member CC to touch the top 5  . Seriously do the fking #'s . I did for for my 60 member ( at the time ) CC . 
      We are now in another rebuilding stage and have no reason to be concerned . But that is how I know that you guys ( refusing to do the #'s ) have no idea . 

    You're missing my point...

    5 CC with 50 active players, is 250 active players...


    1 CC with 250 active players, is 250 active players..


    The cash out between the 5 active CC's is the same as the 1 active (250 member) CC.


    And why the vulgarity?

    How old are you anyway?

  • MBaggese
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    Tue, Aug 18 2015 4:04 PM


    I see no vulgarity . I am simply shocked at your ignorance .

      I am 56 years young BTW .

    I guess using the "F" word to try to make a point (in your mind) is not using vulgar language.


    I think we can all see where the ignorance is residing.


    Have a nice life



    One final point, and I'll type slowly for you...


    Y O U brought up "cash, money, etc"...

    Y O U showed the top 5 leveled CC's.

    Y O U equated it to money being spent.


     I showed you that a 250 member CC that has an A C T I V E 250 members, spends no more cash/credits/etc than 5-( F I V E) CC with 50 (F I F T Y) Active ( A C T I V E) members with in them.


      Oh, go eff yourself, dip wad.

  • YankeeJim
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    Tue, Aug 18 2015 4:18 PM

      I am 56 years young BTW .

    Oy! Had that one all wrong.

  • MBaggese
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    Tue, Aug 18 2015 5:09 PM

    Real income to WGT comes from ball usage (27 cr) and CC members buying passes


    So 25 players of a 250 member club who are buying passes, does not equate to 5 members of a 50 member club who buy passes?


    Had ever or would ever calculate a modern figure that would represent just how much it costs the members these days for a fully active , hard core , serious , sky's the limit , deep pocketed 250 member CC to try and stay in the top 5 .


    Again...if only 10% (EE's numbers from his club) are buying CC passes, what is the difference (again, dollar wise) with 5 members each of 5 CC's with 50 active players?


    Total revenue to WGT is the same between one active 250 member club, vs 5 active 50 member clubs...or even 10 active 25 member clubs, go find a small active club, look through each players history of activity and see what the spend, how often they spend it on.


    Too much work?


    Probably, heck, let's put a question to you since you are a CC owner, how many sleeves of balls does your 60 member CC use in a month?


    You should know this, right?