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Wed, Mar 15 2023 2:13 PM (109 replies)
  • TuckerPrestonJr
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    Sun, May 19 2013 6:28 AM

    I would like to expand my club to 500 members.  WGT should offer upgrades to 350 and 500. 

    There's an appetite for membership in PBK Golf Club, and I have a desire to satisfy that demand.   I can't see a reason to prohibit it, other than -- perhaps -- Clubs were not envisioned to be this large originally by WGT.

    WGT, what's your thinking?

  • Beryman
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    Sun, May 19 2013 9:06 AM


    Carolina Sandhills Celebrating 3 Years of great Golf and good Fun !

                                                Thank You WGT

        Sincerly , Ed , aka , mreddy

    congrats to the Carolina Sandhills and owner (Ed)

  • lvietri
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    Wed, May 22 2013 9:26 AM

    never clear the deadwood, so it looks like the earnings are a lot higher than they really are?

    Hi Courteney,

    Please tell me you really don't believe we keep members in our club to make earnings look higher than they really are ?   I'm sure I mis understood you.

    Our club measure of success has nothing at all to do with earnings.   If it was we would have merged with some other clubs who have suggested it and/or accepted everyone who wanted to join over the 3 years we have been together.

    Truth is ... we could care less if or how well our members play WGT.   This is evident if you look at our entire club roster - not just the WGT stars.  (However I have to admit ... we have been lucky that Sam, Shah, Lee, Mike, Dan and Jake to name a few have all been winners of big prizes.   Lots of practice goes into creating that luck.)

    One of the things all of our members know is .. Dev's will never ever kick anyone out of the club just because they decide to stop playing WGT.   Our CClub and the IRC Channel is a place they can come back to whenever they decide to start playing again.    In fact we've had several folks come back just for a game or 2 after a year or more absence for various personal reasons.  They know they have a home.  This may be one of the reasons no one has ever quit Dev's also (other than 2 or 3 who have retired from the game but knows they are always welcome back.).   

    We also have members who don't even play WGT any more but come back to chat in IRC or participate in other Club activities such as Fantasy Football or Poker games we do.  We have a lot of non WGT activities in our club.  In fact we rarely do WGT CC tournaments.

    Personally I've met 1/2 dozen of the folks to play real golf.  Others in our club have gotten together for golf also --- and more meetings are planned.   I know everyone personally and they are a good bunch of folks.   Our folks meet, chat, talk and know each other.  That's what our CC is about.

    As Shrude says somewhere in this thread - each club has to determine on their own how they measure the success of their club.  (he's a lot smarter than I thought) (kidding)   Since all CC's are run differently and have different objectives  --- I guess each and every club can call themselves #1.     And ---- there is nothing wrong with that.

    By the way --- our IRC channel chat room is always open to anyone who wants to come and chat, play a game or 2, and perhaps get some tips to improve their game.   Just look on my profile page for instructions on how to access it.   It's been open since early 2008 ish (that I can figure - maybe even 2007) ... and is how our CC got started --- from the folks who are chatting there all the time.

  • courteneyfish
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    Wed, May 22 2013 10:16 AM

    I agree that we all measure things differently. I was talking about WGT Country Clubs that help lesser players and provide reasons for people to continue playing rather than quit in their droves. And just a couple of questions;

    How many of your top players came up through the ranks?

    Can you explain why I am listed as a proven multi-accounter on your website? 

  • lvietri
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    Wed, May 22 2013 10:38 AM

    At least we agree on the core topic.   :)

    Regarding the questions ...

    How many of your top players came up through the ranks?

    Not sure what that means --- does it mean how many joined after they had large earnings ?   I would submit very few.     I can tell you truthfully we have never gone out and asked anyone to join Deviations unless they came and expressed interest first.    Other than AvLee (who won his tourney before there were CC's)  who turned over O'Canada then joined us ... all of the tournaments won by Dev's were won after they were in Dev's.   And all the members have been in IRC for a long while.  

    Look at our top 10 earners - a few who are no longer playing actively.   All been around an awful long time.   Keep in mind .. Country Clubs in IGF started on 5.5.2010

    Can you explain why I am listed as a proven multi-accounter on your website?

    We have a website ?

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    Wed, May 22 2013 6:43 PM

    There goes my morning coffee again.

  • Dbrian064
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    Wed, May 22 2013 7:14 PM

    I know that nobody knows of my clubs Edgewater tour league CC and we are still a new club with only 19 members but I am wondering if any other club members are willing to work together to put together a kind of tournament that country clubs could compete in. My ideas so far are not the best I am just thinking that there could be match play, stroke play and other types of games played between members of different clubs. Say 4-6 of each clubs top and most reliable members could schedule to play against another clubs top 4-6 on days that work for both parties. The players would need to report their results. I think that two clubs could match up in a sort of bracket format where teams would move on once they were the first to get the needed number of points in their match-up. For example

    Club 1 vs. club 2    club 1 wins

    Club 3 vs. club 4   club 4 wins 

    so club 4 plays club 1 in the championship I would appreciate any replies to this post with interest or questions as I would like to work with other club owners to get this done.

  • Russtrucker
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    Sun, Jun 2 2013 11:39 AM

    I was recently accepted as a new member and then I received an email that NORAD closed - and that NORAD COUNTRY CLUB opened......Am I still a member?     Thank you  Russtrucker

  • courteneyfish
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    Sun, Jun 2 2013 9:50 PM


    I was recently accepted as a new member and then I received an email that NORAD closed - and that NORAD COUNTRY CLUB opened......Am I still a member?     Thank you  Russtrucker

    Your profile page shows that you are not in a club. 

  • courteneyfish
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    Sun, Jun 15 2014 10:54 AM
    So what happened to this one year on? Why do we get disillusioned?