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Are You Looking For An Active Club? The Peoples Club - Starting into our 10th year

Thu, Oct 22 2020 11:23 AM (261 replies)
  • Ladychipper
    18,833 Posts
    Mon, Dec 24 2018 8:49 PM


    On December 28, 2019, The Peoples Club will celebrate its 9th Anniversary as a WGT Country Club.

    With a fun core group of members we invite you to join us help celebrate the 9th year of our having the best time we can on this game we enjoy.

    Many will ask: So what does The Peoples Club have to offer that other Country Clubs do not?

    The answer to an extent, for those in an established, active Country Club is: Probably not much more.

    However, if:

    • You are a newer player (pro level) and need Tips and Advice - our Quick Links posts are the best of the best and we have senior members willing to help.
    • You are an intermediate player and want to improve your game just a tad more - our Forum and higher level members are always there to assist.
    • You are a high level player and want some real competition - we have got it.
    • You are any level player and just getting frustrated by people who leave when their game is off - our members do not quit a round.
    • You are really not into the pressure of having to play all out for Clashes or Turf Wars - there is no pressure if you just want to play one to get a few passes or not play at all.
    • You are a player where you get a voice in the future of your Country Club - The Peoples Club is true to its name.

    The Peoples Club, is a no pressure, fun Country Club with an active tournament and special event calendar. If that is what you are looking for,  look no further then The Peoples Club.

    Think about it. It maybe the best New Years Resolution you made.

    Two quick notes on our logo above.

    On December 28th eight years ago somewhere in the UK wootton100 formed The Peoples Club.  In 2 months we grew to 143 members. After he "burned out" he transferred the ownership of our CC to BigMugsey also from the UK. Just a number of months later we got the owner we all grew up with here at our Country Club courteneyfish.  Courteney is why most of us old timers are here and are still here. When Courteney decided it was time to move on; she passed the baton to EasyEdward. In January of 2018 Ed passed the baton on once again to our current owner: nopro17

    I (Ladychipper) am the recruiting Director so feel free to leave me a message on my wall if you are interested in joining TPC and are not already in a country club. 

    Our logo contains the flags of our past heritage.  The UK, The Isle of Man and the US.

    The two balls to the side of the flags represent that we are a global Country Club and we are committed to our members, even after they leave us in more then one way. Old Timers on WGT will note the logo on the golf ball is the design of Tekoma  a member we all regret losing.

  • EasyEdward
    12,806 Posts
    Thu, Dec 27 2018 5:54 PM

    I should mention that the sooner you join The Peoples Club the more likely you could win some of the 60,000 credits (all tiers - abilities can win) tournament in 2019.

    Look for it January first!



  • blitz81
    6,646 Posts
    Fri, Dec 28 2018 1:51 AM

    Happy Birthday TPC...Come and join the best CC on WGT.!!!....

  • SamSpayed
    2,365 Posts
    Sat, Dec 29 2018 10:06 AM

    I joined TPC seven months ago, voluntarily giving up a Director position in another club to do so.  Best decision I've made in my WGT career.  

    At first, I must admit it was a little overwhelming.  There is SO much information available to members, and SO many tournaments (a year-long Virtual Tour with 4 weekly tournaments each month, an ongoing Points Championship Tour, a bi-weekly Handicap tournament, and many, many others).  It's a lot to absorb.  But there's never a shortage of things to do.

    What I like best about TPC is the members.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  They will help you celebrate your great shots, your great rounds, and your tournament wins.  Post a replay of a great putt or a holed approach shot in our CC Forum, and you will find half a dozen congratulatory messages posted the next time you log on.  Win your flight in a League tournament and you're likely to find a new sleeve of balls in your bag.  If you are a newer player and have questions about game play or equipment, you will find many seasoned players who will be all too happy to help you learn.

    If you enjoy Match Play or Alt Shot, it is easy to find a game.  We use Discord to chat during these games if you are so inclined.  I highly recommend this, as it greatly enhances the game play experience (and saves typing).

    I can't imagine a better club.  If all this sounds like something you'd enjoy, send Ladychipper a friend invite and come give us a try!

  • Shamper
    1,439 Posts
    Sun, Dec 30 2018 5:41 AM

    TPC has friendly helpful members, is well run, is non-acrimonious and is a very busy, social club.  Opinions and recommendations on club activities are always welcome, asked for, AND acted upon.  There are times when the CC forum thread and conversation on Discord can get quite humourous, which can help put the game experience into perspective.

    There is no pressure to play multiple times a month (hey, we all have REAL lives), whether member vs members, in club tournaments or in a Clash.  Essentially, in TPC we can 'do our own thing' .

    If you think that TPC might be a good home for you, send Ladychipper a friend invite, and join us ⛳




  • DD12BA
    95 Posts
    Sun, Dec 30 2018 11:30 PM

    I love the club and the people inside! Consistent and helpful, generous and selfless people!
    Whatever you ask, you will definitely help someone, you will not stay with yourself. Continuous tournaments, common games, unite people and make it wonderful! Those who want to improve their game will get all the help from the players with serious knowledge. The TPC is wonderful. Thank you for being a member of such a company!

  • Ladychipper
    18,833 Posts
    Tue, Jan 1 2019 1:18 PM

    Special BIG Tournament starts up today with 90,000 credits up for grabs.  If you want to get in on this then go to our clubs home page and ask to join. All tiers and abilities can win credits. :-)


  • Ladychipper
    18,833 Posts
    Fri, Jan 4 2019 11:27 AM

    The BIG Tournament is running and you can get in on this any time so hop on over and join us. 

  • Ladychipper
    18,833 Posts
    Sun, Jan 6 2019 7:53 PM

    Big Tournament will run 18 weeks.  Come get your share of the 90,000 credits up for grabs.  Available to any tier and level of player. 


  • Ladychipper
    18,833 Posts
    Tue, Jan 8 2019 11:24 AM

    Kev is one of our members at TPC and I am posting this for him.

    By uselessone in The Peoples Club


    Hi everyone in TPC or who is thinking of joining TPC.  I've been a member of TPC now almost from the start and may I say it's the best decision I've ever made, not just for the golf and competitions but it's the people who make the club what it is. I truly wouldn't consider playing anywhere else, simply because of the fantastic crowd of lovely people who play here, you start out as golfing team mates, but very quickly you will become really good friends.   not only that, but we look after our own  where ever we can. If you do decide to join our club I know it will be the best decision you've ever made.    Kev     (uselessone)