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  • Beta News: Reporting Game Errors During Gameplay

    03 Oct 2008

    Did you know that you can send bug reports directly to us while you are playing the game? This is especially helpful if you'd like to report a bad camera view or incorrect ball flight, because the report will automatically make a note of what you were viewing when the bug occurred.

    To do this, simply right-click anywhere in the game, at any time, and select "Send Bad Camera Report" or "Send Bad Shot Report", then type in your comments. See Screen Shot.

    You can also select "Submit this problem to WGT" to report any other type of bug, or post it in the forum.

    Hope this helps and thanks!

  • How Will Wall Street Affect Your Golf Plans?

    25 Sep 2008

    I was reading today about how the financial meltdown may lead to a glut of empty and unfinished golf courses. Golf, generally considered to be a discretionary activity, is expected to take a hit as Americans cut their spending. Do you plan to cut down on the number of rounds you play because of the financial crisis? As for me, I will be playing golf for free, on my computer.


  • Taking Back the Ryder Cup!

    19 Sep 2008

    Watching the Ryder Cup this weekend I couldn’t help but think about the pressure the two teams were under trying to “win for their country”.  While most of the players are friends, or are at least friendly to each other, during the PGA season, it was clear that the friendships were put on hold this weekend.

    Anthony Kim, who was unbelievable taking down Sergio on Sunday, was not shy about making Sergio putt those little testers.  Boo Weekley and his down-home southern personality rubbed some of the Europeans the wrong way, but his determination and sense of humor kept the Americans loose.  Hunter Mahan, another Ryder Cup rookie, was solid.  All in all, it was a fantastic event!

    The most amazing thing from the weekend was the realization of just how good these players really are.  It seemed like every putt went in, and every approach shot was next to the pin.  I am in awe of all of the players.  I can’t wait for two years from now when they get to do it all over again!

    What do you think was the biggest moment or momentum changer for the US?  I think Kim dominating Sergio as the first twosome of the day set the tone.  The Europeans could not muster up enough game to take down the Americans after that!  Good job USA!

    Photo: Getty Images

  • Golf, Beijing-Style

    05 Sep 2008

    In China, “official numbers” never tell the whole story, and golf is no exception. New golf courses are said to be springing up every day, despite a ban on new courses that has been in effect for five years. At the Bayhood No. 9 International Golf Club, breathtaking scenery and luxurious accommodations intermingle with views of power lines and cranes, all partially veiled by pollution. But no matter, golf courses are packed from morning until night.

    Overpopulation has its advantages too. When you play a round at Bayhood No. 9, each player gets two caddies. Play with three of your buddies, and you’ve got an entourage fit for a minor celebrity.

    Video: GolfDigest

  • It’s Labor Day and WGT is Celebrating on TV with MDA

    01 Sep 2008

    I hope all of you are having a great Labor Day and enjoying the time off. If you get a moment please check your local TV station or go here www.mda.org to watch the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. WGT is a proud partner of the MDA to further the treatment, diagnosis and bettering the lives for people with muscular dystrophy.

  • English Only, Please

    28 Aug 2008

    The LPGA’s announcement that members will be required to speak English by the end of 2009 has set off strong reactions, from dismay to satisfaction. Is it for the good of tour members, or an arbitrary rule with racist undertones? Will this start a trend in other professional sports, or will it be dismissed as an anomaly? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. What do you think?

    Photo: www.seoulsisters.com

  • Golf & Cooking

    25 Aug 2008

    The combination of golf and barbecuing can feel a little forced sometimes, especially when it takes the form of quirky gifts. Golf and cooking classes however, seem like the perfect fit, not because golfers are necessarily interested in cooking, but because their significant others might be. Throw in exotic destinations like Tuscany, and you’re guaranteed a happy spouse and lots of golfing for yourself. The Celebrity Chef Classic on Hilton Head Island even boasts cooking demonstrations by Sara Moulton and Ming Tsai. Vacation with a bit of glamour — sounds perfect to me.

    Photo: golfdigestpromotions.com

  • Make a Difference with $1

    13 Aug 2008

    From Friday, Aug. 29 through Monday, Sept. 1, you can show your support for the families of our troops while doing what you love–by donating a minimum of $1 during a round of golf for Patriot Golf Day. All funds raised will benefit the Folds of Honor Foundation to provide educational scholarships to families of those who have become disabled or have lost their lives in the line of duty. In 2007, some 3,200 golf facilities nationwide participated in Patriot Golf Day, raising more than $1 million dollars. You can look up participating golf courses in your state here: http://www.playgolfamerica.com/index.cfm?action=patriot

  • World Golf Tour and GGL Global Gaming Bring Golf to the Olympics

    09 Aug 2008

    Now that the Olympics are upon us, calls are again being made to have golf accepted as an official Olympic sport. WGT, of course, loves the idea of golf in the Olympics, and has partnered with GGL Global Gaming to be a part of the 2008 Digital Games. In doing so, we hope to bring golf to the masses and give people an opportunity to experience a game (and course!) they might otherwise not have the chance to in real life. You can read more about the partnership here: http://www.worldgolftour.com/news_olympics.aspx

  • Your Picks for the 2008 PGA Championship?

    04 Aug 2008

    Photo: Oakland Hills Country Club

    The final major of the golf season is upon us! The 90th PGA Championship will be played beginning this Thursday at Oakland Hills in Michigan, and here at WGT headquarters, we are having a little office competition where each of us picks four players who we think will do best in the tournament. At the end of the tournament, we total up the scores for our players, and the person with the lowest score wins the office bragging rights.

    Who are your four picks?


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