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  • Burst Into the Weekend With Extra Credits 🎉

    29 Jun 2023

    Get more bang for your buck before 4th of July fireworks light up the sky. We’ve got a deposit promo to cap off your week!

    Now through 6/30, purchase 2,000 or more WGT Credits and you’ll get an additional 500 Credits for free. Head to the Pro Shop and treat yourself to some equipment upgrades, new apparel or whatever else catches your eye. You’ll be ready for a weekend full of WGT.

    Get Free Credits

    *Special offer when you buy 2,000 or more WGT Credits (6/29/23-6/30/23) and get 500 WGT Credits for free. Valid on one purchase only.

  • July 2023 Game Updates

    28 Jun 2023

    Take a look at what’s new on WGT this month! Make WGT history – compete in the first-ever Showdown Royale, a Showdown meets elimination-style tournament event. Plus, go the distance with new Cobra clubs, pick up the new Shark Tooth Hat (it’s backwards), play in another Showdown and much more.

    New Cobra Clubs

    Aerojet has landed. Upgrade your whole bag with the Cobra clubs known for speed. Whether you’re looking for a new driver, iron set, hybrid, wood or all of them, you’ll confidently go the distance with Aerojet.

    Upgrade Now

    Showdown Royale

    Get ready to win big in a brand new event! Showdown Royale borrows the same Showdown format you know and love combined with an elimination-style tournament. Competition is much more intense, leaderboards are smaller and prizes even sweeter. Can you make it to the end?

    Play Now

    USGA eSports Grand Slam: Match Play Challenge at Oakmont

    We are kicking off the third tournament of the USGA eSports Grand Slam Series Presented by Lexus in late July at Oakmont. As with all tournaments in this series, there will be a final live-streamed event where top players compete for the title of tournament champion and big gift card prizes.

    Starting Soon!

    Shark Tooth Showdown

    Take a bite out of this new Showdown before it takes a bite out of you! Be sure to qualify before the three-day qualifying round ends to grab a spot in the elimination round. If you’re skilled enough to make the final round, you’ll get a prize no matter what place you land.

    Starting Soon!

    Shark Tooth Hat

    Don’t wait for the Showdown – dive into summer with a new backwards hat! It’s the hat of summer (or at least it will be). Get it now so you can rock it every summer to come. And you’ll be looking Showdown ready, of course.

    Buy Today

    Country Club Updates

    Country Clubs continue to get updates that make it simpler to join and manage clubs. Auto join is officially here to make it pain-free for players to find their Country Club home. Plus, you can now update your club messages, browse rival clubs, and more!

    Join a Country Club

  • The Battle Is On – Showdown Royale Starts Today!

    28 Jun 2023

    Be a part of WGT history and play in the first-ever Showdown Royale, a new elimination-style tournament meets Showdown event. Only the elite will make it to the end.

    It’s everyone’s first time playing in a Showdown Royale. Here’s what you need to know:

    Qualifying Round

    • The qualifying round lasts one day

    • The top 50% of the qualifying round leaderboard advance to the elimination round

    • The qualifying round leaderboard contains 20 players

    Elimination Round

    • The elimination round lasts one day

    • There are only ten players on the elimination round leaderboard

    • The top 50% of the elimination round leaderboard advance to the final round

    Final Round

    • The final round also lasts one day

    • All five players that make it to the final round receive a prize – the higher you rank, the better the prizes

    Other Things to Know

    • We base scoring on total strokes, meaning the fewer shots you take to complete your matches, the higher you rank on the leaderboard

    • Incomplete or forfeited holes score as bogeys

    Qualify Now

    Showdown Royale is open to all players on WGT for PC, WGT for Mac, and WGT Golf Mobile! This event runs from 6/28/23-6/30/23.

  • Start Your Summer With a New CC Event

    22 Jun 2023

    Are you a ketchup or mustard on your hotdog person? Win the first CC Event of the summer, and you’ll get both – all members of the winning club will get the ketchup and mustard tee marker and flag.

    New to CC Events? We’ve got you covered with a few things you should know:

    • CC Events allow WGT Country Clubs to compete against each other for bragging rights and special in-game rewards

    • The club that earns the most points from their Clashes wins

    • When your club enters the event, you will match with a club of a similar skill level, and a timer keeps track of how much play remains in that Clash

    • Club members from both sides can play as many rounds as they’d like during the play time using Club Passes and Superpasses to earn points

    • WGT Country Clubs can use Course Builder currency to create custom courses to play in country club tournaments

    Each event contains Club Clashes that last four hours, so keep playing and keep your eyes on the leaderboard!

    Not in a WGT Country Club yet? Learn more here to join one or start your own!

    Did you know you can earn up to 2X Country Club XP, carry even more CC Passes, and generate Passes faster with a WGT Plus or Premier Membership? Purchase a WGT Plus or Premier Membership in the Pro Shop now.

    Play Now

    *CC Event #205 runs 6/22/23-6/23/23 and is open to WGT players on all platforms.

  • Play Winner's Circle at Torrey Pines!

    21 Jun 2023

    WGT’s ultimate accuracy test is kicking off summer with some California sun! See how accurate you really are on hole 16 at Torrey Pines.

    New to Winner’s Circle? No worries, it’s simple to play! Land your ball in one of the colored rings around the hole (or sink it if you can) to win prize chests. Prize chests are color-coordinated with each ring color and include apparel packs, golf ball sleeves and more. All players get one free shot, but additional shots are available for purchase.

    To ensure this is a fair test of accuracy, all players will use designated Winner’s Circle clubs so everyone is on a level playing fairway!

    Three things to keep in mind:

    • Winner’s Circle is a limited-time event, but any remaining unused purchased shots will stay in your inventory for the next Winner’s Circle event.

    • Don’t let the timer expire, or you will lose that shot.

    • The only change from shot to shot will be minor wind direction and speed changes.

    See you at the tee box!

    Play Now

  • Free Bridgestone Balls This Weekend

    17 Jun 2023

    Slow things down with Bridgestone balls - free when you purchase WGT credits today!

    Purchase 2,000 or more WGT credits, and you’ll automatically receive a free sleeve of Bridgestone Tour B XS Ultra Slow Meter Vapor Balls (L52+). Instantly improve your game with longer distance, an ultra-slow swing meter, and better visibility.

    Upgrade the rest of your equipment with those WGT credits to boost your game even more. Head to the Pro Shop for a new set of irons to increase performance, or grab a new outfit for your avatar to strut on the course. Either way, the competition won’t know what hit them!

    Please note that these free Bridgestone balls will be automatically added to your inventory but will not equip automatically.

    Buy Credits

    *Special offer when you buy 2,000 or more WGT credits (6/17/23-6/18/23) and get three free Bridgestone Tour B XS Ultra Slow Meter Vapor Balls (L52+). Valid on one purchase only.

  • Bonus Credit Weekend! Earn 2X Credits Today

    16 Jun 2023

    Don’t miss out bonus WGT Credits this weekend! 

    Now through 6/18, start earning 2x WGT credits when you complete Tapjoy offers under the “Free Credits” tab on the main menu. Extra credits mean you can upgrade your clubs and other equipment even faster! Earn even more by competing in paid games to win prizes.

    Get those Pro Shop items you’ve been saving, or join that tournament you've been eyeing by earning these bonus credits.

    Earn Now

    *WGT credit promo runs from 6/16/23-6/18/23 on the mobile version of WGT Golf.

  • Watch the Live Series World Championships - Tomorrow!

    16 Jun 2023

    After six months of tournaments, the WGT Live Series World Championships are here!

    Watch tomorrow as five of WGT's most veteran players compete for the championship title, WGT Credits, and a shot at gaining Hall of Fame status. 

    This weekend’s lineup: 

    It’s all happening LIVE tomorrow (6/17) at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET on the WGT YouTube channel. 

  • Get Your Free Callaway Golf Balls Today!

    16 Jun 2023

    Summer is in full swing and we want to make sure you're stocked up on your favorite golf gear for the months ahead! Which is why today only, purchase 2,000 WGT Credits and you'll get a free sleeve of Callaway golf balls. 

    Simply purchase your WGT credits, and you’ll automatically receive a free sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft X (Ultra Slow Meter) golf balls helping you to step up your game by adding more distance, control and spin to your shots. 

    Plus, use your new credits to upgrade the rest of your equipment or enter into paid tournaments for prizes. Stop by the Pro Shop for a new set of irons to increase performance, or grab some fresh threads for your avatar to strut on the course. Either way, the competition won’t know what hit them!

    Please note that these free Callaway balls will be automatically added to your inventory but will not equip automatically.

    Buy Credits

    *Special offer when you buy 2,000 or more WGT credits today only, and get three free Callaway Chrome Soft X Ultra Slow Meter (L0+) balls. Valid on one purchase only.

  • Get Free Rentals While Watching the U.S. Open!

    16 Jun 2023

    Don’t feel left out watching all the pros use clubs you’d love to try.

    Now through 6/18, you can rent new clubs completely risk-free! Perfectly calibrate your bag just in time for summer. Just head to the Pro Shop to start trying out clubs! And if you end up liking one (or several) of the clubs you rent, you’ll get a discount after the rental expires. There is no limit on how many clubs you are allowed to rent, so feel free to rent as many as you can before the end of the weekend.

    Rent Now

    *Free rental promotion runs 6/16/23-6/18/23 and is open to all WGT players on eligible platforms. Rental clubs last 24 hours each and can be re-rented during the promotion.

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