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  • 2011 Virtual British Open Winner - StoneColdKiller

    25 Jul 2011

    Congratulations to WGT player StoneColdKiller who won the 2011 Virtual Open Championship played on Royal St George's last week. He wins the grand prize trip to the British Open next year!

    There have been over two million rounds of virtual golf played on Royal St George's, but only 195 top players qualified for the two Championship rounds. Conditions were challenging with the fastest championship greens and high winds, similar to the real conditions at Royal St George's for the Pros.

    This year's champion, StoneColdKiller, posted a 58 in the first round and a 61 in the second round for a winning score of 119.

    See StoneCold's eagle on hole 12


    Close behind StoneCold was Funkyjunkie3000 with 120, who also finished XXX in the Virtual U.S. Open.

    See Funkyjunkie's eagle on hole 9


    Tied for third place were Hanswurst72 and jakestanfill7, each with a 62-59 for 121. And four players were tied for fifth place at 122, including PRIESTESS, LeopoldStotch, PGAbound67 and JCOlson.

    The lowest single rounds in the championship were 56 by racoondad, 57 by jbooch09, and 57 by mrenn29 who was the the winner of the Virtual U.S. Open.


    Congratulations to everyone participated in this year's Virtual Open. Here are all the prize winners...

    Championship - StoneColdKiller - Trip to 2012 British Open

    Sweepstakes Winner - Odaddy68 - $500 gift card to OpenGolfShop.com

    Qualifiers - 195 players - 195 official Imperial Open caps

    Front 9 Challenge Winner - BolloxInBruges - 33.28 feet - Royal St George's art print

    Back 9 Challenge Winner - jakestanfill7 - 35.91 feet - Royal St George's art print


  • Virtual British Open Update - Coverage by Dianne81

    21 Jul 2011

    Good luck everyone and big thanks to Dianne81 for  making this post about the  2011 Virtual British Open in our forums




    "Huge congrats to great rounds with 1st round scores in the 50s to stonecold and funkyjunk in horrid conditions!! Wow.... really WOW!

    Racoondad, congrats on having low round (56) of tourney thus far, with mrenn (usopen winner) and  Jbooch (wtg Boo!) also having  terrific second rounds of 57!!!

    Congrats to our most consistent player Hanswurst72 in the clubhouse with 3shot lead and score of 121 (62/59)

    Wtg all whom qualified  and playing in the tourney and goodluck to those of you who have yet to post second round !"

  • Virtual British Open Qualifiers Announced

    18 Jul 2011

    195 WGT players have qualified for the Virtual Open Championship 2011. The qualifying cutline was 57 and the best score posted was a 52 shared by Shankette and  BolloxInBruges, both of them were also very serious contenders in the Virtual US Open last month.

    The Virtual  Open Championship 2011 rounds starts today for the 195 qualifiers to decide the ultimate champion.

    The Virtual Open culminates in this 2-round, 36-hole championship for the 156 qualifiers (plus ties). Each round is stroke play and the player with the best combined scores of both rounds wins the grand prize, a trip for 2 to the 2012 Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Anne's. Round 1 begins at 1am PST on July 18th and ends at 11:59pm PST on July 20th. Round Two begins at 1am PST on July 21st and ends at 11:59pm PST on July 24th. Anyone can play, but only residents of certain countries are eligible to win the prize. See rules for details.


    Here is the list of all the Championship Qualifiers, well done!


    Shankette 52
    BolloxInBruges 52
    suncity28 53
    duncanbryan 53
    elvinomepego 53
    mgd300 54
    odaddy68 54
    Infinito3010 54
    dansamcam 54
    TarheelsRule 54
    TheLighterDark 54
    ryan4spurs 54
    lbcgolf 54
    mrenn29 54
    mongo441 54
    wiscb 54
    coolswing 54
    racoondad 55
    Wontonamo 55
    PortsD 55
    LeopoldStotch 55
    nickolijj 55
    stevenharkin 55
    AvatarLee 55
    cappiest 55
    AllyKennedy 55
    PhiEaglesFan 55
    Hunter0353 55
    MacGillicuddy 55
    Bluenose12 55
    flippem1972 55
    em3griedel 55
    BrianSJMA 55
    Win1Soon 55
    SolediGiada 55
    Funkyjunkie3000 55
    Boomerjay 55
    JCOlson 55
    Dianne81 55
    AttackTheCaddy 55
    BIGSAUR 55
    KyRock75 55
    nine76chris 56
    brettbell5 56
    jarikuri 56
    Starsandros 56
    b0geybuster 56
    jimbean346 56
    oksymoron 56
    Astruccio 56
    paulmcm 56
    simovoice 56
    Hanswurst72 56
    lagersman 56
    silkysmoothjoe 56
    pluer 56
    rainman692 56
    heffdiddy 56
    CASH11 56
    DrussTheLegend 56
    OwenCrew 56
    barbary 56
    Penners 56
    rowlets 56
    cyl6 56
    zzangsigi 56
    dud_doodle 56
    Swinger72 56
    Daskino 56
    nellyg 56
    stuffix 56
    GoHardGoHome 56
    chunkNskull 56
    jakestanfill7 56
    rnegv 56
    merlin42 56
    PGAbound67 56
    bawbag1874 56
    losersss 56
    Covenant 56
    StoneColdKiller 56
    borlick 56
    Caven 56
    Lobwedgex60 56
    bigddogg19 56
    Teedaawg 56
    ForrestLeigh 56
    pricehcs 56
    NelsonPesce 56
    iwb1 56
    kam4122 56
    LifeSux 56
    JJ656 57
    DougieWaugh 57
    jeffdos924 57
    Acole02 57
    AHudd 57
    mohuyu 57
    DougBieker 57
    Christofff 57
    Broohar 57
    FarFoo 57
    tiffer67 57
    geordieles 57
    Egolilly 57
    Seekerb 57
    Mem11 57
    Fortesque99 57
    Solid1 57
    ironking34 57
    Hef111 57
    restorethis 57
    seanobrien 57
    villadeoro 57
    poolmaniac6 57
    bulfrog2004 57
    GoodyChamp 57
    cincogolfer 57
    McRoss 57
    Wesdogg75 57
    craiger85 57
    JulioMoot 57
    WRWil 57
    Gonnu 57
    Jerm65 57
    JayJensen 57
    Buckthebuck 57
    tiaz79 57
    thebigeasy707 57
    speedyschic 57
    hesomist 57
    xXxxMARCxxXx 57
    briobrio 57
    whyalla 57
    zant 57
    TallAcePaul 57
    pedro007 57
    jaycen129 57
    Faldoscaddy 57
    chrisironsbones 57
    Woodsy747 57
    demcug 57
    rykest3 57
    LOLserver 57
    lvietri 57
    0TarHeel0 57
    sunshinewilly 57
    FreshAirNFun 57
    Turtle35 57
    Minkywinkster 57
    BigKnight 57
    wildcat18racing6 57
    bandidos 57
    gobbog 57
    jbooch09 57
    Switz71 57
    eivets 57
    YOTADOG 57
    imcoola 57
    bigcountry317 57
    WhyYouLoveMe 57
    roaddawgstyle 57
    4ph3x 57
    Jethro09 57
    iremanu 57
    FlyinDoc 57
    genorb 57
    peacher 57
    TugboatDoug 57
    claremoreblue 57
    slavy 57
    columbiacgt 57
    KingTuck 57
    BartMania 57
    hmfc21 57
    nateh311 57
    lateball 57
    NottiGal 57
    xxblueeyesxx 57
    mcdc1 57
    PTgolf904 57
    Leftysway 57
    United4Life 57
    yoban 57
    flocke2308 57
    Hightower3 57
    Stryker37 57
    dsheavills 57
    zelay2215 57
    Beeski 57
    hubbardg 57
  • Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes WGT Documentary

    12 Jul 2011

    Last Fall, GamerLive.TV joined the World Golf Tour team in Kent, England to film the making of Royal St George's and the Virtual British Open.

    This exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary video has just been released. It includes interviews with WGT founder and president Chad Nelson that show how WGT photographed the course from the ground and from the air via helicopter, as well as the post-production process that created the virtual reality version of this championship course that's hosting the British Open this week.

    The video is available on GamerLive.TV, YouTube, and directly from the World Golf Tour game. Just visit the Open Championship section of the game at www.wgt.com and click on the picture of Chad and the helicopter. And while you're there, be sure to play the same course from the documentary and experience the virtual conditions for yourself.

  • Virtual British Open and new game features

    07 Jul 2011

    More improvements to World Golf Tour, and the highlight this month is the Virtual Open held on Royal St George’s, host to the 2011 British Open.

    Play the Virtual British Open this month

    Don’t miss the Virtual Open on Royal St George’s, now thru July 17th. The Back 9 Challenge and the main 18 Hole Qualifier feature a variety of great prizes, and the top 156 (plus ties) qualify for the Championship rounds to compete for a trip for two to the 2012 Open in the UK. And be sure to watch the Pros take on the real-life Open, televised July 14th-17th.

    New - Consecutive Days Bonus

    See the new Consecutive Days Bonus Reminder in the game. You can earn extra XP for playing WGT every day, and the XP bonus increases every additional day you play. Level-up faster and unlock more new equipment.

    New - Last Ball Reminder

    Checkout the new Last Ball Reminder in the game. It let's you know if you're down to your last ball (of the type you're playing) and gives you the option to get more in the game. Note, if you choose not to, the next ball will continue to be a free standard WGT ball.

    TaylorMade SuperFast Woods for New Players

    Improve your long game with the latest TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Woods, exciting clubs designed for new players that unlock at Level 11-13. These all-white virtual clubs are lighter and faster for longer and straighter shots from your driver, 3-wood and hybrid.

    Get Your WGT Replays on YouTube

    All saved WGT replays ware now considered for the new WGT Highlight Videos on YouTube. As a reminder, you can save any of your best shots using the Save Replay button and then share the link with your friends.

    Ready Go’s and Country Club Tournaments on Congressional

    You can now play Ready-Go Tournaments on Congressional, home of the 2011 U.S. Open. Ready-Go's are quick 50-person WGT tournaments that are only 100 credits to enter and Top 30 of 50 win credits based on scores. WGT Country Club’s can also set-up tournaments on Congressional.

    New WGT Payment Methods

    In addition to a variety of ways to earn free WGT Credits, there are also new payment methods on WGT. Support for Google Checkout makes it easy to use your saved Google Checkout payment methods. And you now use Gift Cards on WGT, including Gift Cards from Subway, CVS and Circle K with more stores coming soon. Just enter your Gift Card number when you buy WGT Credits and you get 100% conversion (ie. $1 Subway equals $1 WGT).


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