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  • 20% Off Ping and Cobra Today

    31 Mar 2020

    Today only, Ping and Cobra clubs are 20% off in the WGT Pro Shop!

    Whether you’re new to the game or just looking to level up quickly, upgrading your club set is one of the surest ways to improve your game.

    This flash sale is happening for one day only, so head over to the Pro Shop and search for any drivers, irons, putters (and more) from Ping or Cobra and get them for 20% off.

    Shop Flash Sale Now 

    *One-day flash sale applies to Ping and Cobra virtual clubs, starting 3/31 for 24 hours.

  • 🚨Live Now: WGT Live Series March Invitational

    28 Mar 2020


    WGT Live Series is back with the March Invitational - going on now! 

    While we won’t be streaming this event live from the Topgolf Las Vegas location as initially planned, we’ll still be streaming this invitational remotely, just like in previous WGT Live Series events.

    To mix things up, we’ve added a bit of a twist, with our four invited players from the US each selecting another WGT player to partner with, in an Alt Shot style tournament.

    The players are…


    It’s all going down now (3/28) at 9 AM PST on Twitch and YouTube. As an added bonus, the qualifying round for the April Open is starting today as well, so be sure to get in on all the action! 

  • Get Free Titleist Balls Today

    26 Mar 2020

    Get a free sleeve of Titleist Ultra Slow Meter Vapor Balls today, when you buy 2,000 WGT Credits!

    These player-favorite virtual golf balls are designed to improve your game overall with more distance, control and spin.

    Plus, they have an ultra slow swing meter to make all your shots easier to hit – great for players just starting out or looking to level up quickly.

    Get Free Titleist

    Note, the free sleeve will be automatically added to your inventory but not automatically equipped. To use them, just open your Equipment and equip the new Titleist balls from your inventory.

    *Special offer for players that buy 2,000 or more WGT Credits now through 3/27/20, get 3 free Titleist Ultra Slow Meter Vapor Balls (L0+). 

  • April 2020 Game Updates

    26 Mar 2020

    Check out what’s new today on WGT, including brand new TaylorMade clubs, Loudmouth apparel and esports tournaments to join…

    TaylorMade SIM and SIM Max Clubs

    Upgrade to the latest from TaylorMade to help improve your distance, ball speed, accuracy and more.

    All the new virtual golf clubs are available in the Pro Shop now, so you can find the ones that best fit your game:

    • TaylorMade SIM Driver

    • TaylorMade SIM Max Driver

    • TaylorMade SIM 3 Woods

    • TaylorMade SIM Max 3 Woods

    • TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid

    • TaylorMade SIM Max Iron Set

    See in Pro Shop

    Loudmouth Apparel

    We’re giving your wardrobe a boost with brand new apparel from Loudmouth.

    Head over to the Pro Shop on WGT Golf Mobile or the new WGT for PC/Mac (early access) to pick up this special apparel, including shorts, pants, shoes and shirts, just in time for the weekend.

    Note: Loudmouth apparel will be visible in the Pro Shop on desktop and mobile once you update your app. 

    See in the Pro Shop

    European eTour: Scandinavian Mixed

    The European eTour continues with the Scandinavian Mixed Qualifier, going on now!

    The format looks a bit different, but the $10,000 USD total purse prize is the same – as well as the chance for the final 8 players to compete in a live streamed event. You don’t want to miss it!

    Play Now

    WGT Live Series: March Invitational

    Due to ongoing public health orders surrounding COVID-19, we’ve modified our March Invitational live event.

    While we won’t be hosting the four players at Topgolf Las Vegas as planned, they’ve each selected another WGT player to partner up with and they’ll compete in teams (live streamed) in an alt shot tournament this Saturday (3/28).

    Watch on our Twitch and YouTube channels this Sat, 3/28. 

    WGT Live Series: April Open - COMING SOON

    The WGT Live Series: April Open is coming soon!

    This is your chance to earn a spot in a live broadcast event like you’ve seen the past few months as part of this esports series.

    The top 10 players on the leaderboard will earn a spot to compete in the live broadcast on 4/25, powered by Super League.

    Learn more and see all the WGT Live Series tournaments. 

  • 🚨 Free Rentals Today!

    26 Mar 2020

    Today you can try out any club for free, during this one-day offer.

    Just like real golf, upgrading your (virtual) golf clubs is one of the quickest ways to improve your game.

    This is your chance to try out any club in the Pro Shop to get a feel for what best suits your style – this includes all the new TaylorMade clubs that were added today!

    Plus, if you find a club (or a few) that you enjoy, you can purchase those clubs at a discount when the rental expires.

    Rent Free Clubs

    To take advantage of free rentals, just find the club you want in the Pro Shop, click the RENT or TRY ME button and it's yours free for 24 hours.

    You can rent as many clubs as you want for free during the promo, Thurs (3/26). 

  • Compete Now in the European eTour: Scandinavian Mixed 🇸🇪

    25 Mar 2020

    The next stop in the European eTour series is: Sweden, for the Scandinavian Mixed hosted by Henrik and Annika.

    For this European eTour Qualifier, the format will look a little different so we’ve outlined the details below for reference.

    The live event will still feature 8 WGT players and a total cash purse prize of $10,000 USD, and of course will be live streamed for anyone to tune in!

    European eTour Qualifier: Scandinavian Mixed:

    • This qualifier round will be played over the next two months, made up of eight week-long rounds

    • In each 1-week round, the top 16 (new) players on the leaderboard will advance to the 128-player bracket round

    • Players can only qualify once, with their earliest qualifying score being counted as their official score

      • For example: If a player finishes in the top 16 in weeks 1 and 2, they’ve earned their spot in the bracket round using only their week 1 score (even if their score and/or leaderboard placement is better in week 2)

    • Remember, each qualifier will take only the top 16 new players who have not yet qualified from previous weeks, regardless of their score compared to qualified players in other weeks

      • For example: A player outside of the top 16 in week 1 who holds a better score than a player inside the top 16 in week 8 will not qualify

    • Once the top 128 are confirmed for the bracket round, players will be seeded by their qualifying score

    • If two or more players share the same score going into the bracket round, seeding will be determined by:

      • (1) Normal leaderboard tiebreakers, then (2) the week in which they qualified

      • If two players share the same score from the same week’s qualifier, the normal leaderboard tiebreaker rules will apply (found here). 

      • If two players share the same score from different week’s qualifiers, the player who qualified in the earlier week will be the higher seeded player.

    The European eTour: Scandinavian Mixed tournament is the third of five live events leading up to the Global Finals in Dubai featuring a $50,000 cash prize. Learn more about the European eTour series here

    *European eTour Qualifier: Scandinavian Mixed runs 3/16/20-5/10/20 and is open to all WGT players, see full rules for details and eligibility.

  • It’s Still St. Patrick’s Day in CC Event #121 🍀

    19 Mar 2020

    CC Event #121 is going on now and featuring these lucky Leprechaun Hat tee markers and flags.

    Play now through Fri, 3/20 to win these new tee markers and flags, plus the top 500 clubs will also receive Course Builder currency for custom courses.

    Don’t know what Course Builders and custom courses are all about? Learn more here.

    Play Now

    PS, did you know: You can earn up to 2X Country Club XP, carry even more CC Passes and generate Passes faster with a WGT Plus or Premier Membership? Upgrade now and the benefits last for an entire year!

    CC Event #121 runs 3/19-3/20 with multiple 4-hour Clashes, so be sure to play as many games as you can for your club and keep your eyes on the leaderboard.

    CC Events allow WGT Country Clubs to compete against each other for bragging rights and special in-game rewards. The club that earns the most total points from their Clashes wins!

    Here’s how it works: Each event is made up of Club Clashes which last for a limited amount of time (usually a few hours). When your club enters the event, you’ll be matched with a similar skill level club. Start playing! A timer will keep track of how much play is left in that Clash. Club members from both sides can play as many rounds as they’d like during that time using Club Passes and Superpasses to earn points.

    Learn more about CC Events and Club Clashes 

    Not in a WGT Country Club yet? Learn more here and join one (or start your own!) 

  • Have a Virtual Green Beer on Us Today 🍀

    17 Mar 2020

    We’re giving you a free Beer Ball Effect (that we’ve turned green for the day) just for logging in to WGT on St. Patrick’s Day!

    Your free gift will automatically be added to your inventory, to use it just click the ball effects icon (magic wand) in-game to turn it on/off.


    PS: Green beer also makes a great gift for any of your WGT friends that may need a virtual “cheers!” The Beer Ball Effect (that’s green right now for a limited time) is available here in the WGT Pro Shop.

    *Special offer available to WGT players that log in and play on 3/17/20, get free Beer Ball Effects (50 hits).

  • 🍀The Shamrock Showdown is Going on Now!

    16 Mar 2020

    We're back for another Showdown...

    Play in the qualifying round today through 3/18 for your chance to win prizes like a Shamrock Showdown exclusive badge, WGT Credits, coins, golf balls, apparel packs and more, through a series of head-to-head matches.

    To join, just log on to WGT Golf (on mobile or early access desktop) and follow the signs to enter the Showdown – don't worry if you don’t make the day 1 cut, you'll have two more chances to qualify…

    Here are the rules for this week’s Shamrock Showdown:

    Qualifying Round

    • The qualifying round lasts three days, each day is a new chance to qualify for the elimination round

    • During the qualifying round, the top 50% of the leaderboard advance to the elimination round

    • Players that qualify on day 1 (top 50%) do not need to compete in days 2 or 3 of the qualifying round

    • Players that do not qualify on day 1 can still compete on days 2 or 3 to advance

    Elimination Round

    • The elimination round lasts two days, with players having only one chance to advance to the final round

    • The top 50% of the leaderboard qualifies for the final round

    Final Round

    • The final round lasts two days

    • All players that make it to the final round will win prizes, and higher ranks win bigger prizes!

    Other Things to Know

    • Scoring is based on total strokes, meaning the fewer shots you take to complete your matches, the higher you will rank on the leaderboard

    • Any incomplete or forfeited holes will be scored as bogeys

    Don’t miss your chance to play, going on now on WGT Golf Mobile – or the new WGT for PC or WGT for Mac (early access)!

    Play Now

    *Shamrock Showdown starts 3/16/20. Showdowns are available to all WGT players on WGT Golf Mobile and the new WGT for PC/Mac (early access), see full rules for details.

  • It’s Another Tap-In Rewards Promo!

    13 Mar 2020

    You’re in luck, there’s a Tap-In Rewards Promo happening now through 3/15.

    How Tap-In Rewards works:

    • Today through 3/15, when you spend WGT Credits (like you normally do already) you’ll fill up your Tap-In Rewards progress tracker

    • As you reach new prize tiers, you’ll earn more and more rewards and prizes, like premium golf balls, apparel packs, CC Passes and XP Boosts

    As a sneak peek, this weekend’s event includes: Spring Ball Effects, XP Ultra Boosts, Platinum Apparel Packs and Titleist Pro V1x Ultra Slow Meter Vapor Balls.

    Play Now

    This limited time promotion doesn’t happen often, so be sure to get the most out of your credits before it’s too late!

    *Tap-In Rewards Promo runs 3/13/20-3/15/20. WGT purchases on any platform will earn rewards, but prizes are only redeemable on WGT Golf Mobile and WGT Desktop.

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