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What are the worst bugs

Tue, Nov 28 2023 11:01 AM (111 replies)
  • ct690911
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 7:56 AM

    "In the game, it pings off like a super-elasticated trampoline. "

    Well Mags, instead of throwing darts at the pin, you could always adopt my strategy of leaving the approach shot 30 ft from the

    Seriously, if someone of your stature mentioned other bugs with the game, WGT might actually address them.


  • fmagnets
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 8:02 AM

    And on the subject of realism, let's not forget the bunkers. They have been somewhat lazily programmed so that the position you are in dictates the amount your ball is plugged. At Kia and BPB, you usually get lies 20/25% or better allowing some height and spin to the shots. Everywhere else you usually get 30/40% lies, ie. nearly half-plugged.

    It would make for a more golf-like experience if the angle of entry of a shot dictated the chance of how plugged the ball will be, with an element of randomness like real life. The steeper and harder it lands, the higher the chance of it being plugged to a greater degree. If a ball comes to rest after rolling in the sand, it will never be plugged. Courses with more hard-pan sand like Kia can then be assigned lower % chances of generating plugged lies.

  • JayTSaward33
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 8:47 AM


    A big peeve for me is the text "Excellent Shot" appearing after a ding. First, it's not relevant because a dinged shot isn't necessarily a good one. Second, it covers up the shot, especially a putt. Hard to learn from your mistake if you can't see what happened. There isn't a valid reason to have it. If it can be removed, that would be appreciated.


    Absolutely this.. it doesn't bother me on the fairways but for shorter putts it drives me insane.. can't see what happens and if the putt misses I have no idea why.. the font used to be smaller and it wasn't a problem then.


  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 9:01 AM

    Agree with Chris to applying more realism to flagsticks, cup edges, bunkers and fringes.

    Especially the flagsticks, I never understood at the beginning why some players pulled it off before hitting the ball until some of my right-at-it shots got thrown away to the ocean or out-of-bounce after hitting the flagstick.

    Well... even that didn't help at one point when my iron shot hit the cup (think the ball went in) and bounced back like a bullet as if it was fired to outer space. The moment I saw it, I wasn't even angry but rather found it hilarious!

  • HamdenPro
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 9:34 AM

    May not be a big deal for many, but I miss the background (ambient) sounds, ala birds, wind, ocean, etc..  I found it a little more relaxing when playing,

  • Yiannis1970
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 10:36 AM

    Chris, if the thread goes to wgt's ''mishits'', then they have to redesign the whole putting!!!

    In real life, ball is not affected so much from the foot break (especially on the long ones) or the first feet on putts. The ball is affected more from the break when has no weight, no power at the end of it's course, not the other way around as it happens on WGT for years.

  • Cicero733
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 1:44 PM

    And the flagsticks in real life generally cushion the impact of a shot (think Scheffler's fiery pitch to the 3rd in the Masters final round). In this game they act like concrete, and can even add energy to a shot which is a physical impossibility.

    Agree 100%. Look at YouTube and Jack Nicklaus’ 1 iron to PB #17 in heavy wind. The ball is hot, smacks the flagstaff and drops straight down, no 60 yd glancing blow to the right or left or half way back to the tee. Same if you can one. Some won’t stick and come flying out of the hole ending up yards off the green. Would be nice to see these situations more life-like.  

  • Babzilla33
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 4:47 PM

    I don't know if this one has been brought up, but can we minimize-relocate-shrink- find some alternative strategy to the gigantic words on the screen. 

    Whenever I remove the flag, hit the ding, or any other form of action there doesn't need to be a size 48 font message right smack in the middle of the screen that lingers for 5 seconds.  


    I agree with Chris on the cup sensitivity. Way too frequently do I witness putts that hit the cup and act like it’s full of range balls. Just redirects completely or does a “360” around the cup and rolls back in my direction. 

  • twinponds169
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 5:12 PM

    And the flagsticks in real life generally

    only have one flag hanging from them.....

    not one hanging limp and one blowing gale force


  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Mon, Apr 11 2022 10:04 PM

    ↑↑↑ @twinponds169 ↑↑↑

    Ouch... LOL