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WGT, You have made a farce out of CC of the Week

Tue, Sep 19 2023 8:39 AM (78 replies)
  • spdemon
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    Thu, Sep 18 2014 8:16 PM

    LMAO so the OP has the audacity to post on my wall after creating a thread like this and talk about class .

    Oh then blocks me which hurts my feelings oh so much.

    To GV i hope everyone who reads this thread realizes just how feeble minded you are and thinks twice about friending you or joining your CC which I and most on this thread have never heard of.

    So good luck and good riddance.

  • mkg335
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    Thu, Sep 18 2014 8:25 PM



    We at IBIS GC have higher Standards then WGT does at this moment!

    A Alien Ambassador!!! ROTHLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a bunch of bird poop!!


    Andy, you should be ashamed...that's really not fair to bird poop.

  • mrcaddie
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    Thu, Sep 18 2014 8:28 PM

    I'm compelled to give you more fodder to throw in my face.

    Well, here it comes.

    Not once, did I say a bad word about the selected club.

    No, but you did say this-

    "You took a sensational CC idea, and have made it comical."

    Implying that by choosing the WGTAACC the bar has been lowered. This cannot be further from the truth. The members of the WGTAACC have entertained the forum community for years and have joined us in giving countless gifts from the pro shop back to the newer members of community.

    If, as you've stated, that you have never heard of their club, or their members, then maybe you should spend some time searching the forums and see how well liked they are by the rest of the community.

    One of their members (Opy) just spent about a month gathering up some folks to give away about 60-80 free gifts from the pro shop to newer players to the game.

    Can you say that?

    No, didn't think so.

    I'm glad to have their members on my friends list.



  • Jimbog1964
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    Thu, Sep 18 2014 9:00 PM

    OP has the audacity to post on my wall after creating a thread like this and talk about class .

    Funny thought I heard something.  Wondered what it was...

  • spdemon
    1,588 Posts
    Thu, Sep 18 2014 9:18 PM

    1st,'re a liar. if you don't know how to leave messages on profile pages, that's not my problem.

    LMAO you are an idiot when i went to your profile it showed view all not new wall post fella but now I am unblocked huh who is the fool ?(just because it says a person will not be notified does not mean we can't tell )

    All the members of the lynch mob interpreted that this club selection was lowering standards

    Lynch mob huh only one person agrees with the crap thread you made (and guess who it was).

    I'm ashamed of myself for even responding to any of this crap

    Should be "Of making this PPP thread "And you owe wgt and yancy an apology.

    I'll be forever grateful that I'M not like any of you

    Great go back to playing solo rounds cause no one cares.(I'm surprised you even got 12 friends lol)

  • frappefort
    3,994 Posts
    Thu, Sep 18 2014 10:25 PM


    Now that the "elite forum-bashers" have had their fun, I'm compelled to give you more fodder to throw in my face. Not once, did I say a bad word about the selected club. Been in wgt almost 3 years, never heard of the club, it's owner, it's members, or their successes. What we do for others, we do without fanfare. Because if more than 2 people know about it, it's being done for all the wrong reasons. The 1st 3 CC of the week were large clubs. The next club so honored was the 1st one honored. And if next weeks CC of the week is a club with 1 member, I'll feel the same way. When there is absolutely no rhyme or reason, or no guidelines as to what makes a club qualify for CC of the week, ......never mind, you could all care less. 

    If I wasn't disappointed that our club wasn't chosen, then what kind of owner would I be. None of you have heard of me or the club, that suits me just fine. I've never heard of any of you either, and that suits me just fine. Wgt has made a mockery out of a great idea. You don't like me saying that, so I'm wrong no matter what. All I can say to you is let me know when you actually want to crucify me for what I feel, but before you do, make sure you take your proverbial noses out of..................(fill in the blank here). including you, mr 4125 posts. Never heard of you either.

    It is to bad this is happening  ,   we should all be happy to see WGT present a CC for any reason ,        All CC   will at one time or other be presented by WGT , I am sure they choose Yancy CC      because many members know him to be a  fun Member of WGT for years now , Andyson is another one known by many members ,all that posed  positively  on this thread  are known by many , I was and I am lucky to know them all  ,I am a forum reader lollll   ........              Lets all enjoy  seing our CC presented by WGT  In the future .               Francois (Frapp)        


  • alanti
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    Thu, Sep 18 2014 10:33 PM

    Not once, did I say a bad word about the selected club

    You did not need to - look at the title and said

    "It now has little meaning to be so chosen. You took a sensational CC idea, and have made it comical."

    You have proven the last 2 weeks, how little you think of CCs.

    Now I am not one of the "elite forum bashers" and call things as I see it - you have belittled those clubs and have taken a higher ground by insinuating that your club is more worthy.

    As I said in my previous post - every club has it's worth on WGT and this does not mean one club is better based on any set criteria.

    I am sure your members feel just a passionate about your club as does Yancy's - this does not make either better than the other.

    And judging by your CC - it is well run and players participate so full credit to you.

    I am not sure what the basis of selection is - if it is on how the CC's members have helped the community - then this is a worthy selection, but that I do not know and may well be random which is fine IMHO.

    But by saying you were not disappointed, then ridiculing the last two weeks selections, it appears to everyone that it is indeed, sour grapes.

    Now this is post 4126 GV

    including you, mr 4125 posts. Never heard of you either.

    Well you either are delusional, have the memory of a goldfish or the IQ of one.

    You invited me as a friend some time ago, I accepted but deleted after some time as you never played including game invites.

    Perhaps it is selective memory.


  • Jimbog1964
    8,378 Posts
    Thu, Sep 18 2014 11:36 PM

    All we are saying is that WGT really has made the CC of the WEEK a Mockery & they know it!!!

    And all the people in this post are telling you is that they vehemently disagree with you, and find your stance both incredible and very unfortunate.

    The Alien Ambassadors are a tremendous club serving their members well, and respected as only doing good for the community as well as helping out with some fun.  Throw in the Alien Pod and wot nots discoveries for the good of humanity, and they have earned this.

    So you may think WGT have made a mess of this, but by golly you are in a minority and then some.  

    If I had a vote your unfortunate attitude would preclude you guys from any award for a very long time until you changed your attitude.

    Don't matter how many times you say WGT has made a mess of this it won;t be so in the eyes of obviously the rest.  As for talk about a democracy bu golfV I would say he should just accept the will of the majority.

    The rest of the post ()s from you and golfV you should accept are received poorly, and think about that.  Shouting loudly from the roof tops saying you are right and this was wrong simply does not wash.  

    Let the Whole World know of your Stupidity and Ignorance!

    Again your opinion, not fact.  Fact is the only one's who are showing this in the eyes of the majority is you guys.  You can accept that or carry on shouting, but you should know that reflects even more poorly on your club in the eyes of the majority.  

    Now as for the Rest of you BASHER, Do not think for one moment we will ever EVER forget anything and everything you have said against us in IBIS GC! Cause to Bash one you bash us all!!!

    If class has a part in the awards system you guys are doing your level best for dead last by this thread.  Call it what you like people found the original post in v poor taste, and it went down from there.  I would not call that bashing, rather the basher crying wolf late.

    Well done again Alien Ambassadors, and for my small part I find it a dreadful shame some from IBIS have such petty agendas.  Know that the VAST majority of the community are behind WGTs chosen CC of the week, and fully support the award.

  • WGTdbloshoe
    2,840 Posts
    Fri, Sep 19 2014 12:09 AM

    How about we all take a step back.  I know players want to stick up for Yancy, and I can understand that.  But we should honor his selection with congratulations and no more of this back and forth.  The decision was made to honor his club and that won't change.  Next week will honor another club and it will be just as deserving of that honor.   I said it once and I will say it again.  We will honor clubs for different reasons.  Could be they have been doing amazing with the weekly XP or it could be a small club with great participation.  It could be a club that did something great for the community. We don't want to make this all about who gets the most XP's.

    As far as I can tell our friend Yancy is a humble man.  I doubt he would want to see his choice causing this much of a problem in the community.  I assume he takes great delight in entertaining us all with his videos and hunts.  I seriously doubt this is the attention he wanted his club to get. 

    So Golfvader and William.... Enough already.  It's great you want to stick up for your club, but you made your point already.  Drop it.

    Yancy Supporters.... Enough as well.  I don't want to lock or delete this thread so if you want to say anything just put a congrats or good job in.  Better yet just move the discussion back to my thread I posted.  Engaging at this point does nothing.

    - WGTdbloshoe


  • Dougie4042
    4,399 Posts
    Fri, Sep 19 2014 12:30 AM



    No Class...

    Like school on Sunday?

    Yup.. as said in every Fat Albert episode EVER.. LOL