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NATION only Putting Challenge

Tue, Jun 27 2023 3:55 PM (391 replies)
  • ArmeniaKidd
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    Thu, May 23 2013 12:11 PM


    How does one join WGT World Nations ?


    we got a winner

  • auntytony
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    Fri, Jun 7 2013 8:51 AM



    How does one join WGT World Nations ?


    we got a winner

    you dont you are chosen

  • riverc
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    Sat, Jun 8 2013 4:07 AM

    I agree 100% with pipeman and his post on 4-30-13. I have thought this game has always had inconsistancies and it always seem to be when credits are involved. I just finished a ready go tournament. With no suprise but all the sudden i didnt know how to play the game none of the calculations were correct none of the putts were breaking according to slop.and the speed of the ball would either be 3 ft short or up to 6 ft long.  I play this particular course alot in here  and usualy hit 3 - 5 under. In this ready go i didnt get a birdie until the  12th hole and had 4 bogies on the front nine. I dont want to here no *** excuse or somone offering a reason as to why. My point is we playing this game and learning how to hit the ball then when you put credits up  on the line  there is very few parts of the game that are even the same. Now why is that wgt certainly dont get anything out of the program changing like that when we competing against other players.  THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DOING OR ARE WE. How do I know if im even really playing other players there would be no reason to change the game on these situations but there would be a reason to change the game if it was a way to extract players credits from them. Im not saying thats whats happening but there is nothing else that makes any sense why the f...k would the game change and it always seems to be on credit competion games. I have never even been close to even getting a 30th place in a ready  go tournament. W hy sure maybe a couple i had a bad game  but its more than that. I see it post after post in here of people complaining of the way the game is so inconsitant. Many in here know exactly what im talking about. I will say it right now before  the post voltures come in and read this and offer up some kind *** just for the drama so to yous i dont give a *** what you say this game is not being honestly ran and I bet if a committy of investigators were to come in and look at the operations of this game. It would all start to make alot of sense. Noone pratices somthing to become worse at it. thats like a teacher teaching a subject all week and give a quiz out  on the last day of the week and not have any ?s on the quiz that was studied all week. quit tweaking the program when it comes to credit games WGT WHY WOULD THOSE PARTICULAR ROUNDS BE SO OFF FROM THE DAY TO DAY ROUNDS  ITS ALL VERY FISHY WITH NO REASONABLE EXPLANATION OF THIS STRANGE PHENOM. Im sorry but there is no good reason for these rounds to be any different then the day to day rounds we play everyday. So if you have to ask yourself why this is. You are going  to draw a similuar conclusion  that I have.  For the answer to this ask WGT but it will  be like every other post never getting a solid or truthful reply. So what is it WGT am I competing against other players in the ready go tournaments cause its all played solo with every single bit of it hidden until 50 players play or 49 computor players playing against just me or him or her or that guy. why not make the tournament play with 25  two man rounds being 50 players just so we can believe we are really competeing against real people. I have spent money in here and there is no reason that the game should be so inconsistant unless there is   somthing in it for you. WGT gets there fees at the start of the competitions so leave the program alone please. One more quick ? why is this game still in beta testing mode still iv never seen a program in beta testing as long as this game has been. Is that so you dont have to be responsible for all the problems with the game  it does make one wonder. Maybe its time to take another 4 month break or permanent break. Greed always ruins good things and this game is no different.

  • andyson
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    Sat, Jun 8 2013 8:33 AM


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  • MBaggese
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    Sat, Jun 8 2013 10:41 PM

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  • aceornothing
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    Sun, Jun 9 2013 8:45 PM

    Riverc is absolutely right in his statements.  I really think wgt is doing something to make our games unpleasant for us. It's like riverc said our day to day games there seems to be no big issues but when it come's to the tornaments , Shot's are not accurate, putting, chipping and so on.  WGT please don't fool around with us players. We spend way to much money on our playing with WGT so give us some respect and let us play our game's with no trouble's


  • toppaz929
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    Sun, Jun 16 2013 5:57 AM

    i want to be a member

  • alosso
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    Sun, Jun 16 2013 6:08 AM

    Which positives do you expect?

  • alanti
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    Mon, Jun 17 2013 1:08 AM


    Which positives do you expect?

    LOL ummm no comment

  • SkippyKiwi
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    Mon, Jun 17 2013 1:37 AM

    Bottom line, if you're not spending copious amounts of loot on WGT, your game will see more inconsistencies. From Tour Master to Legend my game went from a 61 average(which is obviously calculated by some ridiulous means), to a now infuriating...70+ regardless of what I try. I most certainly am not spending any more coin, I have spent enough already!!

    Granted I'm playing off different tees, but suddenly my ball spins back 5-6yards(no spin applied), winds dont behave like they have in previous tiers, putts are a joke etc etc....

    Its clear they want us to consistently buy new gear from the pro-shop to keep their pockets full. 650c for a sleeve of imaginery balls?? The proof is in the pudding, if you want value for your a real set of clubs and get out on the course. It'll be less frustrating and proibably cheaper in the long run. If you're hopeless at the real game like I am, what you spend here to play a decent game from amateur to Legend will afford you a PS3/X-Box and a lot more stability in code for all skilled games.

    WGT, sadly, has an unquenchable thirst. Don't expect it to change...once that bug bites its all downhill.