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NATION only Putting Challenge

Tue, Jun 27 2023 3:55 PM (391 replies)
  • slowfred7
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    Mon, Apr 8 2013 5:56 PM

    I have not been able to find somewhere to have a winge, I payed good money for virtual balls they said three boxes , I got three balls ,I could buy real balls cheeper . I have not lost any but in no time they somehow have been used up , its a great game but I wont be playing anymore.


  • adtjoel
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    Fri, Apr 19 2013 6:11 AM

    WGT makes most of their money from balls.

    IRL if you could hit 72 (par) on any one of these golf course you would be given balls, clubs for free and probably a fat wad of cash in sponsorship as well.

    If you look at the offers you can get a lot of credits which woud keep you in balls for a long time. Some of the offers you don't actually have to pay - things like betting sites you often only have to put down a deposit. I got 5000+ credits for a William Hill offer, only requirement was to deposit £10 and bet. I bet once then withdrew all £10. Hell I even made £0.02 profit. If you bet "in play" then you can't really lose. Just bet on a soccer team winning 4-0 with 5 minutes left. You won't win much money, but chances of actually losing is next to none.

    Watching videos and doing the surveys you qualify for will be enough to keep you in decent balls. If you are good enoug when you level up a bit you might be able to win enough credits to never have to spend anything on the game.

  • aheadgame
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    Tue, Apr 23 2013 5:29 PM

    heres a great Idea  why dont u teel every1 how u have FKED the game  after 3 years playing here the last 3 months  have bee  hell  ur  VEM as u call it has  ruined the game  please send me my  investment  an i will never play ur LOTO  YES I SAID LOT  SITE AGIN IT  is ileagal  2 ploay Loto in myu part of the country an by changing the  flight  an grn speed  inbetween shots amount 2 this so   after 3 years just give me my freaking money an Piss of


  • pipeman1370
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    Tue, Apr 30 2013 7:52 AM

    I couldn't agree more. Since the VEM has been implemented, the game has gone to hell.  I have played 2  9 hole rounds today. The first finishing +5 because of inconsistent  shot distance on putts and breaks lying. 

    The game is so ridiculous now, it falls far beyond " Like real golf". I think you need to have a few Pro Golfers back to try it with the VEM on them and see what they say.

    The second round  was with a Tour Pro and a Legend. The Legend finished at -4 for 9 holes on ST Andrew Back 9. The tour pro +8 and me +5. 

    How many complaints is it going to take to get you to get rid of the Virtual Ethernet Module and put the program back as it was. We made suggestions to you through the years on things to change or fix in this beta program.

    The 5 minute wait i suggested change to 2 minutes and you changed to 2 1/2 minutes. Oh fine. I never suggested put in a Novus 1000v  VEM that would alter all phases of the Virtual Switching Module and therefore create ridiculous situations to the game.

    I think you need to really listen to your  golfing customers an heed their complaints. We knowyour using a VEM because you copyrighted the use of it a year ago. Thats public record. So don't try to lie about it. It comes on when anyone comes online but may not show up until the 3rd or 4th tee. That's when shots go wrong , Meter slows down near the ding and speeds up past the ding. Space bars freeze so that your conversations all run together. Other things like green speeds vary. For example. today on St Andrew playing on Tournament Greens and with a downhill putt of 37 ft I hit 23 and the ball rolled 23ft and stopped. So the next time i had a similar situation and I hit the ball much less and it rolled 20ft past the hole. What is it. How are we expected to understand how hard to strike a ball in any situation when you control the shots?

    I bet if I bought new R11S clubs and Nike balls, I could have a normal game. Without the VEM screwing up every shot. thats what it's for isn't it. To sell products. Well good luck say goodbye  to your best golfer friends who are just plane fed up with the crap.

    I would think by now you WGT would get the picture but I get it's on deaf ears and blind eyes. I think I will continue to play and continue to complain until you do something. i don't care what my score is. It doesn't matter if i can play until the free balls come in and continue after that until you see that I don't care any more. 

    What WGT has done to me is make me look like a complainer when I side with the other people who are not happy with the game and not afraid to voice my opinion.

    So WGT, you have a nice day as your people begin to drop off your roster and new people find out what happens when they achieve Pro level and their starter clubs and balls are no good. But it doesn't stop there. Later when they have upgraded but not in a while, they experience inconsistencies, they will be here on the forum voicing their dislike of the way WGT treats them. Good Luck your on the way down. 

  • Bucgolf
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    Tue, Apr 30 2013 8:02 AM

    AMEN Could have not stated it any better!!

  • grubymike
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    Sat, May 4 2013 4:32 AM

    Nation only par 3 tourney. This tourney affects your games played, par stats, birdies stats, bogey stats, GIR % but it does not affect your avg. Also it affects your best 18 hole round. Why is this? If it affects all other stats why not your avg. Can someone explain? Thanks Mike h 

  • alosso
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    Sat, May 4 2013 5:17 AM

    The other courses are Par 70 to Par 72, and the average is calculated from the gross scores.

    The Par 3 course is Par 54 (18x3). Me thinks, the difference in impact on the average would be too severe compared to the other results.

  • quellacoutts
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    Wed, May 8 2013 2:43 PM

    Yes you do if you live in Scotland! That's just a gentle breeze...

  • rqueen
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    Fri, May 17 2013 5:04 PM

    I agree, with several posts on here.  I have played real golf for  almost 20 years and there are way too many "discrepancies" in the game.  Too many hits/putts that do not fit in with reality.  When you putt straight and the the putt goes off at about a 10 degree angle from the club face, and it does this frequently.  I have watched a number of players that get these outrageous scores continually.  I have seen several that could conceivably get the scores they get from practicing ALOT!  MOST of the players I've seen, there is no way that they could conceivably get those scores consistently honestly!  Especially if you kick in the VEM changing as their scores get better.  I could easily see scores like that from people but not when the VEM changes reality to where there is no way to tell what the ball is going to do, no matter how good you hit the ball.  Going with the VEM totally rules out the ability to play very good scores like that consistently without cheating.  That is like playing golf with  a blindfold on at times and still shooting excellent scores.  I have wondered but now I do understand what is being done on getting virtually all of the scores because it is absolutely plain that no one could get that good by practicing, since no amount of practicing could get any kind of consistency in a game by virtue of the VEM.  However, I play the way that I feel I must play and not worry about what anyone else does.  This is why that I am pretty much not playing any tournaments that cost money since it is not based at all on the proficiency of the players.  And if I start losing too many balls (which it is getting very close) because of this VEM throwing my ball OOB or in the water then I will just start using the beginner balls.  And yes, I have lost plenty of balls because of me hitting the ball wrong as well.

  • rqueen
    57 Posts
    Fri, May 17 2013 5:16 PM

    I'm not sure but they may figure up the Par 54 and adjust it to a par 70 or 72 and then figure any changes.  Don't know for sure but that could be a possibility.