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NATION only Putting Challenge

Fri, Jan 14 2022 7:49 AM (383 replies)
  • DaveStrock
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    Mon, Mar 18 2013 5:58 PM

    Anyone else having this happen to them?...I was a WGT Nations member but noticed today my gold flag is gone and it looks like I am no longer a Nations member,what's up with that Icon?......oh now i see the flag here but not next to my name while in a game?

  • bizounne
    2 Posts
    Wed, Mar 27 2013 4:19 PM

    Typical wgt screew up

  • nanstar
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    Thu, Mar 28 2013 10:13 PM


    screew up


  • PugsAce
    1,825 Posts
    Sat, Mar 30 2013 4:22 PM


    Just out of curiosity, has anyone managed to Ace more than 5 in a row in the putting challenge? I got me 5 Aces in a row yesterday, and only for holes 2 and 8, i could have set up 1 helluva score. I can nail number 2 fairly well sometimes, so was a little bit dissapointed to not get it close this time, lol. Show us your cards folks, if you have more than 5 in a row, cheers.

    Not 5 inna row, Two... but one helluva Blitz my playing partner had w/five Aces!

    Could have easily been 7 inna row... REAL close on 1,2 & 4.

    Anyone ever see a higher Blitz score?  :- O

    BTW, bro... nice putting in the March BoP Sweeps!

    I'm not done trying to catch ya!  lol   ;)

    2,580 Posts
    Sat, Mar 30 2013 5:14 PM

    WOW Pugs, that has to be the best Blitz score ever, not sure, but dam, hell of a score indeed. Thanks for the comments on the BOP sweeps, but we both got the Doc to contend with. And he is 1 hell of a BOP player. Cheers.

  • aj2002
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    Mon, Apr 1 2013 1:55 PM

    Can wgt please stop the heavy wind on all the tourneys. People don't play golf in 20mph cross winds.

  • AGArgent
    343 Posts
    Tue, Apr 2 2013 9:45 AM

    I agree, a LITTLE more variety wouldn't hurt. 90some% of all weekly/monthly tourneys have heavy winds. And I don't quite see how that levels playing fields, tier-wise. Of course you're right, , <aj>, strong winds ain't blowing 24/7/365 on any part of the planet that isn't, say, the Himalayas. Fairly sure of that.

  • Santiago124
    157 Posts
    Thu, Apr 4 2013 11:35 AM

    That's a hard act to follow...1.7M and 7 ACEs!!   SUPERSCORE Indeed, KUDOS!!  Just sharing my achievement as well..:-)...


    Darn, cant seem to properly insert the screenshot..:-(..anyhow, its nothing comparable to yours but I'm happy with 3 aces (#3, #5 & #7) with a career highest of 1,044,030...:-)

    P.S. no other club used but a putter..:-)


  • mantis0014
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    Sat, Apr 6 2013 9:31 PM

    I think we should have a Nation Stroke play comp....   Anybody can Pitch on the greens.

    Or is the Nation dead and buried?


  • andwhy67
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    Mon, Apr 8 2013 1:40 PM



    I think we should have a Nation Stroke play comp....   Anybody can Pitch on the greens.

    Or is the Nation dead and buried?