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  • The Gravy is Flowing in the Newest Showdown 🦃

    24 Nov 2020

    Save your appetite, because the Overstuffed Showdown qualifying round is live for the next three days! 

    To begin, just log on to WGT Golf (on mobile or desktop) and follow the signs to enter. 

    Here are the rules for the Overstuffed Showdown:

    Qualifying Round

    • The qualifying round lasts three days, each day is a new chance to qualify for the elimination round

    • During the qualifying round, the top 50% of the leaderboard advance to the elimination round

    • Players that qualify on day 1 (top 50%) do not need to compete in days 2 or 3 of the qualifying round

    • Players that do not qualify on day 1 can still compete on days 2 or 3 to advance

    Elimination Round

    • The elimination round lasts two days, with players having only one chance to advance to the final round

    • The top 50% of the leaderboard qualifies for the final round

    Final Round

    • The final round lasts two days

    • All players that make it to the final round will win prizes, and higher ranks win bigger prizes!

    Other Things to Know

    • Scoring is based on total strokes, meaning the fewer shots you take to complete your matches, the higher you will rank on the leaderboard

    • Any incomplete or forfeited holes will be scored as bogeys

    Don’t miss your chance to play, going on now on WGT Golf Mobile – or the new WGT for PC or WGT for Mac!

    Play Now

    Overstuffed Showdown starts 11/24/20. Showdowns are available to all WGT players on WGT Golf Mobile and the new WGT for PC/Mac, see full rules for details.

  • ⚡️ 20% Off TaylorMade Clubs Today

    19 Nov 2020

    Give your virtual golf bag a much-needed upgrade with TaylorMade clubs - now 20% off in the WGT Pro Shop! 

    Head over to the Pro Shop today through 11/20 to see all discounted TaylorMade clubs (up to level 80). 

    This week's flash sale includes clubs like:

    And more! 

    Visit the Pro Shop

    *Flash Sale applies to all TaylorMade Clubs (up to level 80) now through 11/20/20. 

  • December 2020 Game Updates

    18 Nov 2020

    Check out what’s new to WGT, including new winter gear, a festive fall Showdown and the WGT Live Series continues... 

    2020 Ugly Sweater

    Chill out on the course with a brand new ugly sweater!

    This year’s sweater is a great choice for players looking to turn the holiday spirit up just a notch. Grab yours today before it’s gone!

    See in Pro Shop

    Course Notebooks

    Keep your notes for every hole on every course handy with a WGT Course Notebook.

    Just like when you’re out on the real course, having your notes and tips readily available is a pro move. Originally a feature for WGT on Flash, notebooks are now available wherever you play.

    Note: Flash players that already owned a Course Notebook will automatically have it available, including their existing notes.

    Download WGT Mobile or Desktop

    WGT Live Series: December Open

    Starting next week, pull up a chair, grab a plate and join the Overstuffed Showdown! The qualifying round starts on 11/23 and lasts three days, and everyone who makes it to the final round wins prizes.

    Save the Date: 11/23 

    WGT on Flash Ends 12/29

    As you may already know, the Flash version of WGT will no longer be available after Dec 29, 2020, but you can continue playing WGT via the desktop or mobile apps!

    And, if you're an active Flash user who has played in the last 30 days you will receive a special bundle for making the switch. Simply download WGT on your mobile device, PC or Mac, and log in to receive your free bundle.

    Download Now

    Coca-Cola Pro Tour

    Play in the Coca-Cola Pro Tour for your chance to win a grand prize $1,000 Topgolf gift card (if located within the U.S.) or a $1,000 Mastercard gift card (if located outside the U.S.).

    Play Now

    Tee Off For Diabetes Awareness Month

    Join WGT and JDRF in celebrating National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) and World Diabetes Day (WDD) with a special tournament at Pebble Beach, featuring a 50k WGT Credit purse prize.

    Ends 11/21

  • Play in the December Open Today!

    17 Nov 2020

    The WGT Live Series: December Open qualifier is going on now! 

    Compete in this Live Series tournament for your chance to be featured in the live broadcast, powered by Super League, on 12/12. The top 70 scores will also split a total purse prize of 20,000 WGT Credits. 

    Play Now

    The 2021 WGT Live Series will run throughout the year, with WGT players being featured in monthly live streamed events on Twitch and YouTube.

    *Open to all WGT players, see rules for details.

    Did you know..

    Adobe will be discontinuing Flash and we’ve officially announced that December 29, 2020 is the last day WGT will be playable on FlashWGT Golf is available to download and play on your favorite devices, including mobile, PC, and Mac here

  • Celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Month with WGT, JDRF

    16 Nov 2020

    Join WGT and JDRF in celebrating National Diabetes Awareness Month (NADM) and World Diabetes Day (WDD) with a special tournament at Pebble Beach! 

    Now through 11/21, play in the JDRF Tee Off For Diabetes Awareness Month tournament for your chance to win a 50,000 WGT Credit purse prize. 

    Play Now

    JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes research. NDAM and WDD are celebrated every November to raise awareness for diabetes and the impact it has on millions of people worldwide.

    You can donate to support JDRF here

    *See rules for full tournament details and eligibility.

  • 💥 Weekend Promo: Free Rentals Going On Now!

    14 Nov 2020

    Play WGT like a pro while you watch all the action at Augusta with free rentals this weekend! 

    If you're looking to improve your overall game or just change it up, testing out free clubs is the best way to get a feel for what suits your style the most.

    Head over to the Pro Shop now to take advantage of this free rental weekend promotion. 

    Rent Free Clubs

    Plus, if you find a club (or a few) that you enjoy, you can purchase those clubs at a discount when the rental expires. 

    To take advantage of free rentals, just find the club you want in the Pro Shop, click the RENT or TRY ME button and it's yours free for 24 hours.

    *You can rent as many clubs as you want for free during the promo (11/14-11/15/20). 

  • Coming Up: Brand New WGT Live Series Championship

    13 Nov 2020

    Join WGT and Super League Gaming this Saturday (11/14) for the first WGT Live Series championship event of the 2021 season. 

    Ten of WGT's top players from all around the globe will be battling it out in a live streamed broadcast and you get a front row seat! 

    The lineup: 

    ECC370 - Canada

    fmagnets - UK 

    genorb - Germany

    IRISHKING1916 - Ireland

    Jasmine177 - Canada

    JSmithers - USA 

    kelsp - India 

    LeHew - USA

    Yiannis1970 - Greece

    Young46 - USA

    Watch live this Saturday (11/14) at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET on these channels: 

    WGT Twitch

    WGT YouTube

  • 🦃 Celebrate Turkey Day Early with Free Ball Effect, XP Boost

    12 Nov 2020

    Get ready for the upcoming holiday season with a free Turkey Ball Effect and XP Boost today! 

    Simply purchase 1,000 or more WGT Credits now through 11/13 and you'll get a free XP Ultra Boost (giving you +40% XP) that lasts for 3 days. 

    Plus, you'll also receive a free Turkey Ball Effect, adding a festive vibe to each swing.  

    Get Free XP Boost

    Your XP Boost will take effect immediately, once added to your account, to start earning extra XP right away! You can use your credits to upgrade your virtual equipment and apparel, and compete in paid games for prizes.

    To turn ball effects on/off, just click the magic wand icon (on web) or tap the ball (below your swing meter on mobile, PC or Mac).

    *Promo available through 11/13/20, get one free XP Ultra Boost (3 days) and Turkey Ball Effect (500 hits) when you buy 1,000 WGT Credits or more.

  • Special Offer for WGT Flash Players

    12 Nov 2020

    As you know, the Flash version of WGT (played on WGT.com or Facebook) won't be available in less than 2 months, but you can keep playing WGT via download on your computer or mobile device.

    Download here

    Plus, if you're an active Flash user who has played in the last 30 days you will receive a special bundle for making the switch. All you have to do is download WGT on your mobile device, PC, or Mac, and log in.

    Once you've completed those steps, we'll send your special offer directly to your inbox, including:


    • 1 month free Premier Membership
    • 100 hits Country Flag Ball Effects
    • 1 Platinum Apparel Pack


    That's right, you'll receive all that just for making the switch to WGT mobile or desktop.

  • CC Event #138 Will Brighten Your Day

    12 Nov 2020

    Add a touch of sunshine to your golf game in CC Event #138, featuring these sunflower tee markers and flags. 

    Play now through Fri, 11/13 to win these new tee markers and flags, plus the top 500 clubs will also receive Course Builder currency for custom courses.

    Don’t know what Course Builders and custom courses are all about? Learn more here.

    Play Now

    PS, did you know: You can earn up to 2X Country Club XP, carry even more CC Passes and generate Passes faster with a WGT Plus or Premier Membership? Upgrade now and the benefits last for an entire year!

    CC Event #138 runs 11/12-11/13 with multiple 4-hour Clashes, so be sure to play as many games as you can for your club and keep your eyes on the leaderboard.

    CC Events allow WGT Country Clubs to compete against each other for bragging rights and special in-game rewards. The club that earns the most total points from their Clashes wins!

    Here’s how it works: Each event is made up of Club Clashes which last for a limited amount of time (usually a few hours). When your club enters the event, you’ll be matched with a similar skill level club. Start playing! A timer will keep track of how much play is left in that Clash. Club members from both sides can play as many rounds as they’d like during that time using Club Passes and Superpasses to earn points.

    Learn more about CC Events and Club Clashes. 

    Not in a WGT Country Club yet? Learn more here and join one (or start your own!) 

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