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  • Shoot Your Shots in a New Winner’s Circle

    31 Jan 2024

    WGT’s ultimate accuracy test starts now! We’re heading to Oakmont for this one – how close to the hole can you get?

    New to Winner’s Circle? No worries, it’s simple to play! Land your ball in one of the colored rings around the hole (or sink it if you can) to win prize chests. Prize chests are color-coordinated with each ring color and include apparel packs, golf ball sleeves and more. All players get one free shot, but additional shots are available for purchase.

    To ensure this is a fair test of accuracy, all players will use designated Winner’s Circle clubs so everyone is on a level fairway!

    Three things to keep in mind:

    • Winner’s Circle is a limited-time event, but any remaining unused purchased shots will stay in your inventory for the next Winner’s Circle event.
    • Don’t let the timer expire, or you will lose that shot!
    • The only change from shot to shot will be minor wind direction and speed changes.

    See you on hole 13!

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