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  • 2023 Golfidays Gift Guide: Day 9

    20 Dec 2023

    Make it a WGT gift-filled holiday season for all of the golf lovers in your life. The best part? You can wait til the last minute, and no one will know. 

    It's day nine of our 12-day Golfidays Gift Guide! From now through 12/23, we'll feature a new WGT item every day, including some of the most popular virtual golf clubs, premium golf balls, festive apparel and much more. Check back daily so you don't miss out on any promos or featured items!

    Whether you're a WGT veteran, brand-new player or looking to get your loved ones into WGT, there's something for everyone in our Golfidays Gift Guide. 

    Today’s featured items are... Club Passes and Notebooks – and they’re on sale now!

    All WGT players get 20% off Club Passes and Notebooks through 12/22/23. And if you’re a Premier member, you’ll get 25% off.

    Get Club Passes and Notebooks

    *Club Passes and Notebooks are 20% off in the WGT Pro Shop from 12/20/23-12/22/23 for all players, and WGT Premier members get 25% off.

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