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    13 Dec 2023

    The holidays are officially here, and we have a full release to celebrate another great year of WGT! Keep an eye out for our Golfidays Gift Guide, new items in the Pro Shop like the Holiday Flamingo Sweater, multiple Showdowns and more. See below for the major highlights:

    2023 Golfidays Gift Guide

    Starting 12/12, the 2023 Golfidays kick off for 12 days straight of holiday promos and highlights! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your WGT-loving friends or want to treat yourself, you’ll be sure to find it. And if you’re not a Premier Member already, now is the time to become one (for some exclusive Premier Member deals!)

    See Day 1 Promo


    Holiday Flamingo Sweater

    No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate (or if you celebrate nothing, that’s okay too), this holiday sweater will spread joy across the course. It'll look even better if we see you still rocking it this summer.

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    Topgolf Gloves

    We’re all about getting real-life items in our Pro Shop, and that’s what you can get with two new Topgolf Gloves. Grab the Mosaic Glove if you’re looking for something vibrant, or if you want something that blends in more, the Camo Glove is perfect for you. Can’t decide? Both it is.

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    Tapjoy Promo (coming soon!)

    Treat yourself by earning 2x free WGT Credits over Christmas weekend with Tapjoy. Just complete the offers under the “Free Credits” tab on the main menu from 12/22-12/25 to load up on free credits.

    Tap in, starting 12/22

    Countdown Showdown (coming soon!)

    Another year is coming to a close. That means we're back with another Countdown Showdown! There’s no better New Year’s resolution to make with yourself than winning the first Showdown of 2024. As always, you get three chances (once daily) to grab your spot in the elimination round. Players that make the final round get a prize for their elite play.

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