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  • Free Bridgestone Balls with Credit Purchase Today!

    26 Oct 2023

    Step up your golf game with some new Bridgestone balls – free when you purchase WGT Credits today!

    Purchase 2,000 or more WGT credits, and you’ll automatically receive a free sleeve of Bridgestone Tour B XS Ultra Slow Meter Balls (L52+). These premium balls will give your game the improvements you’ve been craving. A slower swing meter adds more control to each shot, and a little added distance never hurt anybody!

    Upgrade the rest of your bag with those WGT Credits to fine-tune the rest of your game. Whether you want a new driver or putter, the Pro Shop has you covered. The competition won’t know what hit them when you roll through with your latest equipment upgrades!

    Please note that these free Bridgestone balls will be automatically added to your inventory but will not automatically equip.

    Buy Credits Today

    *Special offer when you buy 2,000 or more WGT credits (10/26/23-10/27/23) and get three free Bridgestone Tour B XS Ultra Slow Meter Balls (L52+). Valid on one purchase only.

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