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  • WGT Live Series Updates - 2023/24 Season

    11 Sep 2023

    As you may have heard, we will be postponing the upcoming WGT Live Series tournament that was due to start this week for the foreseeable future. Our hope is that we can relaunch the series in a format and within a budget that best supports our goals of growing the community. We genuinely apologize for the last-minute announcement and are happy to answer any questions you may haveWe will keep you updated as we know more and appreciate your understanding

    What does this mean for the future of Live Series and WGT eSports? Well, we’ll be going back to the drawing board on a couple things:

    • Thinking of fresh ideas/formats for eSports and future WGT live streams
    • Identifying sponsors for tournaments 

    Things we can do in the short-term:

    • Partner with the community to run more streams on Twitch or Discord

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding any eSports or tournament ideas, suggestions, or feedback!

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