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  • April 2023 Game Updates

    29 Mar 2023

    Come check out what's new on WGT today! Spring is in full bloom and we have lovely new apparel to fit the season. With your fresh fit equipped, be sure upgrade your clubs and step up your game with new Titleist TSR2 clubs, stock up on all-new WGT golf balls and get ready for the next WGT Live Series tournament, coming soon. 

    Titleist TSR2 Clubs​

    The new Titleist TSR2 Clubs have hit the Pro Shop! Add more consistency, forgiveness and precision to your game with a TSR2 hybrid, wood, driver or all three to take your game to the next level. 

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    Loudmouth Peace Flower Apparel

    Groovy, man! New apparel has just dropped, meaning it's time for your avatar to blossom on the green. Shop new Loudmouth’s Peace Flower apparel to freshen up your wardrobe, just in time for spring. 

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    Jelly Bean Apparel 


    Spring is just beginning and so are we! New Jelly Bean Pants and skirt are now available in the Pro Shop. Stop by today to give your avatar a seasonal look (and perhaps match our next Showdown!). 

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    WGT Live Series: May Open 

    Get ready for the next WGT Live Series tournament, coming up in just a few short weeks. Just like last month’s tournament, the top 70 scores will split a purse of 20,000 WGT credits, while the top 10 will compete in a live final on 5/20 powered by Super League.

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    WGT Golf Ball Updates

    As you may have heard, we're making some updates and improvements to our line of WGT golf balls. We'll also be removing outdated golf balls and updating our existing balls with more intuitive names, which are designed to better showcase ball information. 

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    Country Club Tournament Creation

    It’s now easier to create a Country Club tournament! We've also added new features to improve the overall Country Club tournament creation experience, such as an apparel bonus option and the ability to start a tournament at midnight.

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