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  • Free Callaway Balls! Upgrade Today

    27 Oct 2022

    Take your game to the next level with new Callaway balls – free when you purchase WGT credits today!

    Purchase 2,000 or more WGT credits, and you’ll automatically receive a free sleeve of Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Vapor Balls (L37+). Instantly improve your game by introducing a slower swing meter, adding distance, and increasing durability. The vapor trail makes it even easier to track shots in the air.

    Treat yourself to more equipment upgrades with those WGT credits to bolster your game even more. Peruse the Pro Shop for a new set of irons to increase performance, or grab some fresh threads for your avatar to rock. Either way, the competition won’t know what hit them!

    Please note that these free Callaway balls will be automatically added to your inventory but will not automatically equip.

    Buy Credits Today

    *Special offer when you buy 2,000 or more WGT credits (10/27/22-10/28/22) and get three free Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Vapor Balls (L37+). Valid on one purchase only.

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