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  • 2023 Live Series Format Updates

    09 Sep 2022

    We have exciting changes coming to the 2023 Live Series Season! Our goals for these changes are to make the overall season much more competitive and have the closest Season Championship we've ever had. We've also overhauled the point system - see all details below. 

    Format Changes

    • Our previous Live Series seasons featured one unlimited qualifier round, but we have made the following changes:

      • The first qualifier is a standard unlimited tournament. However, the better your score, the more points you receive

      • The top 50 from the first qualifier play in a single-play round tournament. The top 10 from this second qualifier qualify for the Live Stream and earn additional points based on their placement.

      • The Live Stream points give players the majority of points earned. However, we intend to make the Season Championship much more competitive with multiple players in the running to win the season.

        • The Season Championship Live Stream is weighed heavier than all previous Live Streams throughout the season.

    • To add parity to the Live Series, we significantly lowered the point totals that the top 10 players earn, which results in more players in the race for the season championship.

    • The Live Stream of the month will feature our most difficult conditions to date:

      • 14 green speeds with high winds

      • We've also added a 60-second shot clock for all players

    • The first and second qualifier are available to play on all platforms

    • Live Stream is only available to play on WGT's desktop version

    • Prizes

      • WGT Credits based on your placement in each tournament

      • The season champion receives the exclusive Hall of Fame player tier

      • The season champion also receives a community tournament where they choose the title, wind conditions, green speed, and more!

    Point System Changes

    First qualifier

    • An open and unlimited qualifier on 18 holes

    • The top 50 players play the next qualifier in a single-play round 

    • Points

      • Par Points Only

    Second qualifier

    • The top 10 players play in the Live Stream

    • Points: placement points

    Live Stream of the month (based on placement 1st-10th)


    1. 250 points

    2. 225 points

    3. 200 points

    4. 175 points

    5. 150 points

    6. 125 points

    7. 100 points

    8. 90 points

    9. 80 points

    10. 70 points


    See you on the course!

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