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  • June 2020 Game Updates

    28 May 2020

    Kick back with a round on the virtual course and check out what’s new on WGT this month, including new Callaway clubs, Black Clover hats and more. And it’s all just in time for summer va-(or stay)-cation. 😎

    Callaway MAVRIK Clubs

    New clubs alert! 🚨

    Add more distance, speed and control to your game and with the latest virtual golf clubs from Callaway.

    From drivers to irons, see the full lineup available now in the WGT Pro Shop:

    • MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver - unlocking at levels 25, 32, 33 and 50 

    • MAVRIK Driver - unlocking at levels 29, 44, 72, 88 

    • MAVRIK Sub Zero 3 Wood - unlocking at levels 33, 51, 73, 86, 97 and 99 

    • MAVRIK 3 Wood - unlocking at levels 73, 89 and 97

    • MAVRIK Pro Hybrid - unlocking at levels 34, 83 and 98 

    • MAVRIK Hybrid - unlocking at levels 49 and 74

    • MAVRIK Pro Irons - unlocking at levels 30, 85 and 100 

    • MAVRIK Irons - unlocking at levels 52 and 97 

    See All Callaway Clubs

    Black Clover Apparel [COMING SOON]

    Set your sights on these brand new hats and visors from Black Clover, available now!

    Head to the Pro Shop on WGT Golf Mobile or the new WGT for PC or Mac (early access) to pick up these classics for your avatar.

    See in Pro Shop

    Hoedown Showdown [COMING SOON]

    Howdy, partner! Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to party in the Hoedown Showdown.

    Next week, you’ll be able to compete for prizes like a Showdown-exclusive badge, WGT Credits, coins, golf balls, apparel packs and more.

    Once the event is live on Monday (6/1), just log on to WGT Golf (on mobile or new desktop) and follow the signs to enter the Showdown…

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