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  • Stock Up With Tap-In Rewards

    22 May 2020

    Stock up this weekend in the Tap-In Rewards promo, going on now!

    How Tap-In Rewards works:

    • Today through 5/24, when you spend WGT Credits (like you normally do already) you’ll fill up your Tap-In Rewards progress tracker

    • As you reach new prize tiers, you’ll earn more and more rewards and prizes, like premium golf balls, apparel packs, CC Passes and XP Boosts

    As a sneak peek, this weekend’s event includes: Fireworks ball effects, XP Ultra Boosts, Platinum Apparel Packs, MAX Platinum Vapor Balls and more.

    Play Now

    *Tap-In Rewards Promo runs 5/22/20-5/24/20. WGT purchases on any platform will earn rewards, but prizes are only redeemable on WGT Golf Mobile and WGT Desktop.

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