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  • Celebrating 100 CC Events!

    29 May 2019

    Celebrate the 100th CC Event this week -- featuring a LOT more prizes!

    Play now through Thurs, 5/30 for increased prizes, including 3x gold MAX CC Putters (one for each of the top three clubs), these "100" tee markers and flags for the top 500 clubs and Course Builders for the top 1,000 clubs.

    We've also reduced the time for CC Pass regeneration down to 3 hours AND CC Passes are on sale now for 33% off -- so you can buy and gift more for less!

    Don't know what Course Builders and custom courses are all about? Learn more here.

    Play Now

    PS, did you know: You can earn up to 2X Country Club XP, carry even more CC Passes and generate Passes faster with a WGT Plus or Premier Membership? Upgrade now and the benefits last for an entire year!

    CC Event #100 runs 5/29-5/30 with multiple 4-hour Clashes, so be sure to play as many games as you can for your club and keep your eyes on the leaderboard. The flash sale on CC Passes runs through the end of the Event, so don't miss out.

    CC Events allow WGT Country Clubs to compete against each other for bragging rights and special in-game rewards. The club that earns the most total points from their Clashes wins!

    Here's how it works: Each event is made up of Club Clashes which last for a limited amount of time (usually a few hours). When your club enters the event, you'll be matched to play with a similar skill level club. Start playing! A timer will keep track of how much play is left in that Clash. Club members from both sides can play as many rounds as they'd like during that time using Club Passes and Superpasses to earn points.

    Learn more about CC Events and Club Clashes

    Not in a WGT Country Club yet? Learn more and join one (or start your own!) 

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