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  • Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite Apparel Item?

    08 Dec 2017

    Have you added a little style to your WGT Golf Mobile avatar yet?

    This fall, we released new Apparel that lets you change your avatar's look with new shirts, pants, hats, shoes and glove options – plus they each add unique benefits to your game!

    We're loving seeing all the uniqueness on the course, as well as putting our own unique style on our own avatars, so we rounded up a few our favorites here in the office to share with you...

    Who: Engineer
    Favorite Apparel Item: Foxwind Windbreaker Jacket
    Why: Being from the “old world” where you more often than not wear warmer clothes, this jacket recreates this theme the best. On top of that, it features a stylish design that appeals to me most compared to all the other available Apparel items.

    Who: QA Engineer 
    Favorite Apparel Item: Clayton & Mills Hats
    Why: I really like how fancy this hat looks. It has a simple design, but for some reason, it can add a whole new level of class to any user that uses it. Combining the Clayton & Mills headwear with any gloves, shirts and pants that share a similar color scheme or the same colors, just brings out this fancy look to everything. It's the best headwear to me, as it definitely stands out amongst the rest of the headwear items.

    Who: Technical Art Director
    Favorite Apparel Item: We're just about to reveal it to you! (This one is coming SOON, so you'll have to stay tuned...)
    Why: Let's just say it puts me in the holiday spirit...

    Don't forget, you can check out the newest Apparel options on WGT Golf Mobile

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