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  • We're Popping Bottles Over These New Special Effects

    14 Nov 2017

    Special effects are now available to add to any virtual golf ball on WGT.

    Choose from your favorite WGT special effects, like popping champagne bottle vapor trails, sparkling fireworks or a flaming inferno, and add them to whichever virtual golf ball you have equipped!

    Here's how to choose your effects:
    1. Head to the WGT Pro Shop 
    2. Go to "Accessories" and then "WGT Ball Effects"
    3. Choose the Ball Effect you want 
    4. Purchase

    To equip and use your new effects in the game:
    1. Once you've started a game, click on the "effects" symbol (next to ball spin) in the lower right corner of your screen
    2. Choose the one you want from your purchased effects 
    3. Congrats! You just took your game to the next virtual level, the new effect will now be added to whichever golf ball you have equipped until you remove or change it 
    Note: Not only will you see your customized virtual golf ball, your opponent(s) will as well

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