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  • August 2017 Game Updates

    01 Aug 2017

    Check out the latest to hit WGT this week, including some new virtual equipment, Country Club levels and rewards, and other game improvements you may be into.


    Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

    More control and distance on your drives...now that's epic.

    Get the new virtual driver from Callaway, available in the WGT Pro Shop in green, orange, pink or red to best match your style.

    Unlocks at Levels 44, 60 and 86.


    TaylorMade TP5 Balls

    This all-around premium golf ball from TaylorMade is great for players leveling up and improving their game.

    With a good balance of distance, spin, control and durability, this is a great choice for players at all levels that pairs well with any virtual club.

    Unlocks at Level 7.


    New Country Club Levels and Rewards

    WGT Country Clubs are a great way to meet and make friends on WGT, and always have people to play with.

    Country club members can work together through various game features to earn Experience Points (XP) and level up their clubs. As the club levels up, rewards are unlocked for members.

    We've just added some new CC rewards (below), so get your club together and get to earning XP!

    CC Level 17: Creating Tournaments and Officers

    • Any club at Level 17 and higher will have the ability to create 25 free touranments and 25 paid tournaments for their club members
    • Clubs at Level 17 and higher can now have 7 Club Officers

    CC Level 18: More Personal XP

    • Any member of a club at Level 18 and higher will earn +7% personal XP after playing a game

    CC Level 19: More Course Builders

    • Any club at Level 19 and higher will get 5 free Course Builders per month

    CC Level 20: More Personal XP and Officers

    • Any member of a club at Level 20 and higher will earn +10% personal XP after playing a game
    • Clubs at Level 20 and higher can now have 8 Club Officers

    Learn More About Country Clubs


    August Virtual Tour Tournament

    Play in the second tournament in the Jul-Sep Quarterly Season of the 2017 WGT Virtual Tour.

    Post your first round score in the Pinehurst No. 2 Challenge by 8/26 to compete for the total purse of 100,000 WGT Credits, split between the top 70 scores in each Pro-Champion tier. Plus, the winning players in Pro-Champion tiers will display a new "reigning champion" icon next to their player name through the following month.

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    Erin Hills is open for business! Now you can play the full course in all game modes.

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