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  • End of Year Game Updates

    14 Dec 2016

    See what's new on WGT today, including the ability to create custom courses for your country club to play.

    And so that every WGT Country Club can try out this new feature, we've given each club one free Course Builder to create their first custom course and run a tournament!


    Custom Golf Courses

    WGT Country Clubs can now create custom courses to play in country club tournaments. We'll be sharing a "how-to" guide later that helps explain the new feature, including:

    • How to get started building custom courses
    • How to play your new courses
    • How to get the new Course Builder currency

    Go to Country Club Page


    Celebration WGT Golf Balls

    Celebrate special occasions or maybe just a long day on the job with a beer or champagne virtual golf ball on WGT!

    The Beer Ball on WGT features a foamy vapor trail and the Champagne Ball features a bubbly vapor trail, both to better trace your shot through the air.

    These virtual golf balls also make great gifts during the holiday season and can be found in the Pro Shop!


    High-Level Sabertooth Putter

    This new, high-level version of the popular Odyssey Sabertooth virtual putter is great for top WGT players that want to improve their putting and lower their scores.

    Unlocks at (Level 98) in the Pro Shop.



    "Invite Friends" Button - Fixed an issue where the option to invite friends from the Main Menu wasn't working, but players are now able to invite friends as expected

    Incomplete 18-Hole Game - Some players experienced an issue when trying to play 18-hole games, where the game would end after 9 holes regardless, which has been fixed

    Tier List - Fixed a display issue where some players weren't seeing the tier list displayed correctly

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