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  • October 2016 Game Updates

    29 Sep 2016

    See what's new on WGT today, including a new Putt Preview in practice mode, the Odyssey Sabertooth Putter and a new Virtual Tour Champion Avatar after every VT quarter!


    Odyssey Sabertooth Putter 

    Get this new high performance putter in WGT Pro Shop which uses the latest technology and design from Odyssey to improve your putting and lower scores. Unlocks at Level 10, Level 40 and Level 59.

    Putt Preview 

    Improve your putting skills with the new Putt Preview feature in Practice Mode, that lets you see your projected putt line based on your set aim and power. This is a great training tool for new players as well as experienced WGTers that want to improve their putting.

    New Virtual Tour Quarterly Season Champion Avatar 

    The winner of each Quarterly Season (by tier) in the WGT Virtual Tour will get an exclusive new avatar, to wear proudly. Keep an eye out for the newest champs sporting their new avatars on the course!


    • Consecutive Day Counter - Fixed an issue with players not receiving credit toward their consecutive days counter, when a team was disqualified or forfeited an Alternate Shot game
    • Missing Dots While Putting - Some players weren’t seeing the small white dots on the green while taking a mulligan, so this has been fixed
    • HTML Display - Fixed a display issue where some players saw HTML code after exiting out of an ad
    • Flag of Nepal - Now appears correctly


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