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  • March 2016 Game Updates

    30 Mar 2016

    See what’s new on WGT today, including these most recent updates...


    Pebble Beach – Full 18 stroke play course now available! Play Free

    Nation Pebble Beach Tournament – Special two-week tournament on the new Pebble Beach full course, featuring Uneven Lies for an added challenge, for WGT Nation players only. Play Now

    Cobra King F6 Hybrids – New virtual hybrid clubs help you hit longer with more forgiveness, plus the slower WGT swing meter helps make your shots easier to hit. See Hybrids in Pro Shop


    Fixes and Improvements

    Shot Clock Violations – We've reduced the number of shot clock violations allowed from four to two, before a player is disqualified from the game

    Last Ball – Fixed an issue where some players were incorrectly being shown the "Last Ball" message in multiplayer games, even though they still had balls left in their inventory

    Replays Causing Blue Screen Error – Fixed an error that caused a "blue screen" to occur when players tried to watch certain game replays

    Multiplayer Games Getting Stuck – Fixed an issue that caused some Multiplayer Skins games to appear "stuck" after one player picked their ball up on the green


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