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  • Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New "Best Of" Courses

    23 Feb 2016


    Three lucky WGT Country Clubs won the opportunity to design the new "Best Of" courses on WGT, here's a behind-the-scenes look at who the clubs are and how they made their decisions.

    December's CC Event #14 featured a special prize for the top three finishing clubs, the chance to design one of the new "Best Of" courses including Best of Par 3, Best of Par 4 and Best of Par 5. Those clubs (in the order they ranked on the leaderboard) were: The Georgian, Majestic Mountain and WGTAMIGOS. Here are their stories..

    Best of Par 5: The Georgian

    Club Owner: ssommers

    When asked about winning CC Event #14, ssommers said: "I would say roughly 40 members or so were involved. Maybe a bit more. The club was very fortunate in finding great everyday players who enjoy playing WGT, that's what I think it boils down to."

    Best of Par 5 Course Design:

    Hole 1: Pebble Beach hole 2

    Hole 2: Chambers Bay hole 4

    Hole 3: Kiawah hole 16

    Hole 4: Merion hole 2 

    Hole 5: Pinehurst No. 2 hole 5

    Hole 6: St Andrews hole 5

    Hole 7: Royal St. George's hole 7

    Hole 8: Bethpage Black hole 13

    Hole 9: Chambers Bay hole 8

    Hole 10: Pebble Beach hole 6

    Hole 11: Kiawah hole 11

    Hole 12: Merion hole 4

    Hole 13: St Andrews hole 14

    Hole 14: Pinehurst No. 2 hole 10

    Hole 15: Olympic Club hole 16

    Hole 16: Royal St. George's hole 14

    Hole 17: Congressional hole 6

    Hole 18: Chambers Bay hole 18

    Best of Par 4: Majestic Mountain

    Club Owner: PeteGherardini

    "The members of Majestic Mountain voted for the holes that they liked playing the most, we also wanted to put a lot of the new courses in our lineup. We feel that you must pay attention to what you are doing on these holes or you could make bogey or worse, yet wanted to make them the best holes not the hardest holes and sometimes the two overlap. We have looked at all 3 setups and in our opinion they are all GREAT, congratulations to the other 2 clubs on their setups."


    The members of Majestic Mountain

    Best of Par 4 Course Design:

    Hole 1: Pebble Beach hole 1 

    Hole 2: Merion hole 11

    Hole 3: Royal St. George's hole 4

    Hole 4: Chambers Bay hole 6

    Hole 5: Olympic Club hole 18 

    Hole 6: Pebble Beach hole 8

    Hole 7: St Andrews hole 1

    Hole 8: Pinehurst No. 2 hole 7 

    Hole 9: Chambers Bay hole 12

    Hole 10: Congressional hole 17

    Hole 11: Royal St. George's hole 18 

    Hole 12: Bethpage Black hole 1 

    Hole 13: Congressional hole 18 

    Hole 14: Chambers Bay hole 7

    Hole 15: Pebble Beach hole 3

    Hole 16: Kiawah hole 9 

    Hole 17: Bethpage Black hole 15

    Hole 18: St Andrews hole 17

    Best of Par 3: WGT AMIGOS

    Club Owner: shovlovin

    "Hats off to all involved in the designing of the new Par 3, 4 and 5 courses, a good job well done in my opinion. Country Clubs are the glue that holds it all together so to let them have the choice in setting these courses was a brilliant idea from WGT, well done all."

    Best of Par 3 Course Design:

    Hole 1: Pebble Beach hole 7

    Hole 2: Royal St. George's hole 11

    Hole 3: Merion hole 3

    Hole 4: St Andrews hole 11

    Hole 5: Pinehurst No. 2 hole 9

    Hole 6: Bandon Trails hole 5

    Hole 7: Bethpage Black hole 3

    Hole 8: Congressional hole 10

    Hole 9: Olympic Club hole 3

    Hole 10: Chambers Bay hole 9

    Hole 11: Kiawah hole 5

    Hole 12: Chambers Bay hole 17

    Hole 13: Bandon Dunes hole 12

    Hole 14: Bandon Preserve hole 9

    Hole 15: Merion hole 9

    Hole 16: Pebble Beach hole 5

    Hole 17: Kiawah hole 17

    Hole 18: Merion hole 17



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