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  • WGT 19th Hole: stevereilly, Lover of Beer, Futbol and Virtual Gear

    17 Feb 2016

    The "WGT 19th Hole" series focuses on featuring the players, personalities and country clubs that make up the global WGT community.

    stevereilly - Lover of Beer, Futbol and Virtual Gear


    Stevereilly lives in England and has been a WGTer since 2010. He's the owner of the BRIDGESTONE Golf club and has shot an impressive 17 holes-in-one!

    You guessed it, this WGTer goes by the name, "Steve" outside the game and was nominated by gdog8, a "Veteran" member of his country club.

    Here's what Steve had to say about his time with WGT:

    "I'm one of those players who was suffering from a lack of imagination when I picked my WGT username, as it's my real name Steve Reilly.

    I started playing WGT in October 2010, and was hooked straight away. I have a lot of laughs reading the forums and playing Alt shot games, as there are some real characters out there in WGT land. For me, WGT first started as an escape from the boredom of working out of town, constantly getting frustrated by dodgy hotel internet access affecting my meter. However, as time has passed I've made a lot of real friends on here, and I've met up with a couple of the guys in real life and shared a few drinks. (That's awesome, send photos next time!)

    WGT has taken up a lot of my spare time, and as such I've become a bit of a virtual gear freak. My bag is basically a set of the most expensive clubs in the Pro Shop (bar the Golden putter).

    I occasionally get in touch with owners of new up-and-coming CCs and sponsor prizes for their members to compete for, because as the owner of Bridgestone Golf CC I know how much time and effort it takes to run a successful CC and there are a lot of good Country Clubs out there.

    To give some tips to newer players, I'd say set yourself an achievable goal. Then, when you have reached that goal, set the bar a little higher. I am always looking at my stats to see where I should improve, and am quite proud of the 17 holes in one and 9 double eagles gained over the years, though I still look at others' stats who have even greater numbers and try to reach their levels.

    Those that know me would say my main hobby is beer drinking, and to some extent they're not wrong, but I also enjoy my music, comedy and football (soccer to you US guys) though I'm being very quiet about football as my team, Aston Villa, are not doing very well this season."


    Thanks for sharing Steve! You can check out the Bridgestone Golf Country Club HERE.

    WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU! If you'd like us to feature you or someone you know in a future "WGT 19th Hole" profile, please let us know at: players[at]wgt.com.

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