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  • WGT 19th Hole: jayw4862, "The Southern Gent"

    05 Feb 2016

    The "WGT 19th Hole" series focuses on featuring the players, personalities and country clubs that make up the global WGT community.

    jayw4862 - The Southern Gent

    jayw4862 enjoys the southern, retired life after 16 years in the car business and has two "beautiful and successful daughters" that he's very proud of. When he isn't taking care of his elderly mother you can find him playing WGT on his newly won SkyTrak.

    "I joined World Golf Tour in May 2013, played once, and was really bad at it, and quit. I came back to WGT in July 2013, and just started whacking away, not having any idea what I was doing. I remember playing Merion (not knowing it was the Open, and I couldn't reach half the fairways. Maxed out many a shot back then. At first, I was a pretty vocal skeptic of WGT Mobile, then I tried it, and now I absolutely LOVE it!!!"

    "I enjoy using Twitter (my one and only social media site) to follow interests I enjoy. Twitter is great for keeping up with people, places, things I'm interested in, and for posting (tweeting) things that are on my mind. Some good, and some not-so-good, lol.  And using Twitter gives me a direct connection to WGT, which is great. Whoever runs WGT's Twitter account is always on the ball. And keeps up with what's going on. I've even been contacted by the WGT boss man himself on Twitter!!!" (Thanks Jay, keep those Tweets coming!)

    You may have seen some of jayw4862's popular WGT videos on Youtube, one has over 52,000 views!

    Do you have any WGT stats you're particularly proud of?

    "I'm most proud of winning the Treat Yo' Self SkyTrak Tournament and a SkyTrak monitor and for being lucky enough to win (via random drawing) a trip to the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont. Thank you WGT, USGA, and SkyTrak for the wonderful year I just had, along with my one-putt %. One year ago, it was 38%, and now it's around 64%."

    Favorite golf course to play in WGT or in real life?

    "My favorite course in real life was Grand National (A Robert Trent Jones course) in Auburn, Alabama. My favorite course on WGT is Merion, and now I have to add Pebble Beach as a close 2nd."

    What are the most important tips you'd give new players?

    "Stick it out. Grab a wedge or 3 as soon as possible. Then a putter. Those are game changers. I stumbled upon some videos (1st one I ever watched was Yancy's home-made ruler thing. He kind of sucked with it, but I thought that the idea was great, so I made one, and used it often. I then saw some videos by fmagnets and bolloxinbruges. I was curious about some things and asked fmagnets, and he was kind enough to explain (in great detail) the whats, whys and hows). We became friends, and he was my first "mentor." I bugged him daily with questions, and he never, not once, ignored any of them, or me. Essentially, he taught me how to play. Thank you Mags!!!"

    What equipment is currently in your virtual golf bag?

    • Taylormade R1 Driver
    • Big Bertha 3 Wood
    • Nike Vapor Irons
    • 3 wedges: Ping 54 degree, Ping 58 degree and a Cleveland 64 degree
    • Ghost Manta Putter - "After trying almost every putter around, was convinced by [Lizard69] to buy the Level 30 Ghost Manta, and it changed my entire game. Best purchase I've ever made on WGT. Lizard69 then helped refine my game, and especially my putting. He would share screens on Skype, and walk me through many rounds. I was amazed at how he could make a difficult shot become a simple shot. Thank you Lizard69!!"

    Fun fact about you?

    "I partied (hard, lol) once at a PGA post-tournament gathering (The Southern Open, late 80's) with Payne Stewart (and others, but he was the fun one) until the sun came up the following morning. Mr. Stewart was absolutely one of the best, funniest, craziest, and most likable people I've ever met. I forget a lot of things, but that's one thing I will never forget. Ever."

    We asked jayw4862 if he wanted to share a picture of himself and he sent us this: "I'd like to show a pic of my hero, the greatest, kindest, most caring person I've ever known. My mother."

    WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU! If you want us to feature you or someone you know in a future "WGT 19th Hole" profile, please let us know at: players[at]wgt.com.



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