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  • New Courses, Cobra Drivers and Virtual Tour Winner Icons

    29 Jan 2016

    See what’s new on WGT today, including three "Best Of" courses, Cobra virtual drivers and new Virtual Tour winner icons!


    New "Best Of" Courses, designed by WGT Country Clubs

    We've added all new Best of Par 3, Best of Par 4 and Best of Par 5 courses, to include WGT courses that we've added recently.

    Special shout-out to the three WGT Country Clubs that designed these courses, chosen for placing in the top three of CC Event #14 in December…

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    Cobra F6+ Drivers

    Get the latest driver from Cobra on WGT, for more distance and a slower WGT swing meter, to help you hit straighter and longer off the tee!

    The new Cobra F6+ virtual driver is available now in the WGT Pro Shop in blue, green, orange and white, unlocking at Level 5.

    See New Cobra Drivers


    Virtual Tour Winners Icons

    Winners deserve crowns!

    New in the 2016 WGT Virtual Tour, each monthly tournament winner (in each tier) will display a new crown icon next to their player name, to let everyone know they’re the reigning Virtual Tour tournament champion. 

    Additionally, each Quarterly Season winner (in each tier) will display a different crown for their reign.

    Both crowns will be reassigned to new (or repeat) winners at the end of each month or Quarterly Season.


    Other Fixes and Improvements

    Default Shot Timer – The default multiplayer timer has been reduced to 60 seconds to keep games moving

    Removed Stand Bag Plus – We've removed the Stand Bag Plus from the Pro Shop, if you had one before the release you will still be able to use it and congrats – you're now a vintage WGT collector!

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