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  • MisterWGT: "WGT and TOPGOLF are now one!"

    27 Jan 2016

    We had a huge announcement this morning that we're so excited to share. To give you all the details, we let MisterWGT explain...

    Greetings fellow WGTers!  It's been an exciting few weeks and many of you have been asking, "Where’s MisterWGT?"  Well I am thrilled to say that I, along with all the staff at WGT, are now part of the Topgolf family!  

    Naturally this raises a number of questions… so let me take a moment to answer.

    Wait! What?! Who is Topgolf?

    First let me say this… Topgolf has built something quite special.  Imagine one of the nicest driving ranges you’ve ever seen with 3 stories of hitting bays, targets and sensors that track each of your shots, great food & tons of drinks… All being experienced by you with your closest friends, co-workers or family.  That's what Topgolf has created, and they've built over 20 of them to-date across the U.S. and UK (with a new facility opening almost every month!)

    Put simply, Topgolf is not a historic country club with massive dues just to walk in the door.  It's a place for everyone.  It’s a place to laugh, enjoy and most importantly… a place to PLAY!

    This is what I've always wanted WGT to be as well.  A "place" where anyone in the world can go to socialize, play and enjoy this amazing sport that has spanned centuries.  So we decided to merge our goals, our companies, and to redefine the world of golf for the next millennium!

    Ok… what does this mean for WGT?

    As some of you might know, this company has been my baby (quite literally as my 2nd child was born the weekend YuChiang and I founded the company).  Over these last 10 years, the team we've assembled has done so much to help turn what was merely an idea into a 14-million player reality.  Thus it was incredibly important to see WGT continue to flourish & grow. Topgolf also recognizes this and combined we are dedicated to adding new features, new content and courses.  Our multi-year commitment with the USGA is going strong and we’ll continue running the Virtual U.S. Open.  In fact, we are already underway with pre-production of Erin Hills.  And although I cannot reveal all our future product plans, what I can say is that we are working on a Topgolf driving range experience for mobile as I type this post.  

    So to be clear… WGT is not going away and we are doubling down to make it stronger than ever!   

    And if you still don’t believe me, be sure to check out our joint press release from the PGA Show.

    Till then, I highly recommend learning a bit more about Topgolf: topgolf.com

    A few video overviews:

    Skills Optional, Fun Required

    TopGolf The Colony Star-Studded Grand Opening Party

    There's tons more I'd love to share, but in time.  I must sincerely thank the entire player community for taking a chance with a company who was looking up at the sports/gaming mountain and thinking, "Yeah… we can top this!"  Without you, we'd still be at the bottom staring at the summit.  Also many thanks to Icon, Tibbets (remember him?!), WGTAlex (remember her?), Nivlac, BolloxInBruges, mrcaddie, mrenn29… and who could forget Yancy?!

    Lastly, if any of you have been to a Topgolf venue, please share your impressions with the community -- and – let us know what you liked about the experience & how we can recreate it in WGT!

    Thank you all again!  

    - MisterWGT

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