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WGT Golf News

  • Last Chance To Get Nike Putters Early

    23 Oct 2015

    This is your LAST WEEKEND to get any Nike virtual putter in the Pro Shop 5 levels earlier than normal.

    Soon, these putters will return to their regular unlock levels, so level up now to take advantage of this special offer while you can!


    *Note: the levels currently shown in the Pro Shop are the new (temporary) level unlocks, they will return to their original unlocks (5 levels higher) after this weekend. For example, the Nike Method Putter (L46) is the promo level unlock, and it will return to the regular L51+ unlock soon.

    WGT Tip: Use Level-Up Boosts or XP Boosts to level up in the game to take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

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