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  • New Putter, CC Improvements and Sounds

    26 Aug 2015

    See what's new on WGT today, including a new Odyssey virtual putter, improvements to WGT Country Clubs and new game sounds.


    Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putter

    The new Tank Cruiser V-Line Putter from Odyssey is a great choice to give you solid putting performance with more balance and forgiveness, helping you sink more putts and lower your scores.

    Available now in the WGT Pro Shop, unlocking at the following levels:


    Country Club Improvements

    We're continuing to work on making WGT Country Clubs even better communities, with options for new players to find and join a club that’s right for them, and letting club owners control who can create CC tournaments for their club.

    See what's new in your club or join a country club now on the Clubs page.


    New Game Sounds

    Keep your ears open for new game sounds in stroke play games, giving you feedback like cheering you on, providing some applause or maybe even some taunting to keep you sharp!

    Note, you can always choose to turn these sounds on or off in your Game Settings under "Celebrations."


    Other Fixes and Improvements

    3-Click Swing Meter – Fixed a display issue where the power bar didn’t draw back on the first click for players using the 3-Click Swing Meter

    Practice Swing Issue – Fixed an issue affecting some players taking practice swings that didn’t allow them to adjust shot type, club or aim

    Flashing Ball Issue – Fixed a display issue that made the ball appear to be "flashing" before a hit

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