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  • Team Yancy Goes to Chambers Bay

    24 Jul 2015

    The infamous WGT player YancyCan stopped by Chambers Bay recently to experience the action of this year's U.S. Open Championship.

    He was kind enough to share some words and photos with the WGT community, enjoy!

    Being residents (of an undisclosed location) within the Pacific Northwest, Yancy & Medford Mel were eager to see the course we had been playing on wgt.com. The 2015 U.S. Open was arguably the biggest sporting event ever held in this area of the United States. Fan enthusiasm was off the charts as people packed this unique course day after day, showing that golf is as popular here as anywhere in the states.

    When you enter the course gates, you find yourself looking down on what looks like some sort of outdoor sporting complex. Then the trains running by the Pacific Ocean, the remains of the sand mining operation, and the one lone tree helped to create a surreal experience.

    After it took 20 minutes to have Yancy's bag of paranormal explorer tools to clear security (the only thing confiscated was a spray can of Playboy VIP body spray), Team Yancy spent quite awhile just looking down at the spectacular view from above with fellow WGTer Fuzzygazz who was on a whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest.

    We finally decided on our walking route, and began our descent into the bay. Once we were down in the golf action, our plan was tossed aside and we simply tried to see as much of the course and golfers as possible. The only remaining goal being to visit the large concrete remnants of what was once a sand mining operation (allegedly).

    As you may have seen from TV coverage, Chambers Bay plays as tough as it does "virtually" on wgt.com. For us the chance to walk and watch PGA touring pros play a course in person that we had played online many, many times was an experience unlike any other.

    While we attended to see the course and the pros, we also had paranormal possibilities to explore at Chambers Bay. All the elements of Alien Colonization of Earth were there. There were trains running along an ocean & huge monolithic cement structures that most call "sand sifters" (aka time-portals) among other things. At this time we are not ready to discuss our paranormal conclusions, however we will reveal these things one by one in video format via our YouTube channel. Some of which are already available to view & by subscribing you can follow the research as its shared at: www.youtube.com/user/yancycan

    Sincerely, I am Yancy



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