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  • New Virtual Equipment, Removing Balls from Inventory and Focus Boost Updates

    19 May 2015

    See what's new today on WGT, including new top performing virtual equipment, Focus Boosts in all game types and fixed issues, based on your feedback...


    Focus Boost

    The new Focus Boost is now available in all game types, to slow down your WGT swing meter on those big shots when you need a little extra focus. Just look for the lightning bolt above your swing meter.


    TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons

    The newest virtual iron set on WGT from TaylorMade will help you hit more greens and lower your scores with more precision and a slower swing meter than the R11 irons. Unlocks at Level 90 for top players in the Pro Shop.


    New Nike Method Putter

    Get the new, top performing Nike Method virtual putter for high-level players, with more precision, balance and popular swing meter increments of 15/30/60/100/150/300 feet. Unlocks at Level 101 in the Pro Shop.


    TaylorMade R1 Driver

    This new, top performing driver on WGT will improve overall driving performance for players competing at the highest levels. Unlocks at Level 103 in the WGT Pro Shop.


    Remove Golf Balls

    Now you can remove any virtual golf balls you no longer want from your inventory, just open your equipment screen to choose which to remove.


    Other Fixes and Improvements

    Closing game during chat – Fixed an issue that closed a game when one player used the 'Enter' key during a multiplayer game chat

    "One hit left" warning – Fixed issue that incorrectly showed players a message that they only had one hit left on their last golf ball, when they still had more balls available

    Gimmes on last shot – Option to "Take Gimme" is now shown correctly on all shots where ball is within gimme range

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