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  • ICYMI: Virtual Tour Quarterly Championship Match

    24 Apr 2015

    On Tuesday, the top two Tour Legends from the Jan-Mar Virtual Tour Quarterly Championship standings competed in a heated match play game for a bonus WGT Credit prize on Kiawah.

    In case you missed the streaming Twitch match-up between poldimaier (Germany) and fmagnets (UK), watch the replays here...

    Note, to see the match from poldimaier's point of view select his replay, and vice versa to watch from fmagnets', but both videos include both player shots.

    After last month's Kiawah Championship tournament in the WGT Virtual Tour, top Tour Legends poldimaier (Germany) and fmagnets (UK) ranked #1 and #2 in the quarterly standings, earning spots in the first quarterly championship match of the year.

    SPOILER ALERT below, so avoid scrolling if you don't want to see who won just yet!


    See past Twitch matches here and learn more about streaming WGT on Twitch, and how to stream your own WGT games on our FAQ.











    ...Congrats to fmagnets on becoming the first WGT Virtual Tour Champion of the 2015 season!

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