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  • WGT 19th Hole: YancyCan

    19 Feb 2015

    We're kicking off a new series called, "WGT 19th Hole," focused on featuring the players, personalities and country clubs that make up the global WGT community.

    YancyCan - His Name is Yancy

    YancyCan (aka Yancy), is one of the most well-known WGT players, infamous for "spotting paranormal things & events on the courses of WGT" and documenting his hunts.

    Recently, Yancy made a huge discovery -- the elusive sasquatch on Bethpage Black on WGT and was "awarded" quite a fancy trophy by some of the WGT forum guys (special shout out to Andyson on the trophy artwork!)

    Here is his story:

    "As a WGTer known for spotting paranormal things & events on the courses of wgt.com, I (my name is Yancy) still suprised that the Bethpage Sasquatch was found by myself after 5+ years of it being out there. The circumstances could not be more unusual.

    That evening I had been working on documenting the infamous 'Easter Eggs aka Alien Pods' incident on the WGT Pinehurst No. 2 course. Feeling exhausted after a long day, I somehow decided to go and search for the Bethpage Sasquatch by hitting balls into unusual areas on the course. Eventually I made it to #9 (my last hole of round) after maxing out with scores of 10 on all 8 of my prior holes. So after 9 shots, I find myself behind the green with one last shot before my round gets called. I decided with nothing to lose to then fire a shot backwards towards the green and aimed for a spot in the left rough. Half asleep, I took the shot and when I saw the results I was frozen and whatnot. There it was - no question about it, right next to my avatar on the screen! Unbelievably (still), I had found the Sasquatch on my last shot on the last hole of my round. After taking a screen capture, I realized in the excitement I had not saved the replay - but I had my 'proof' which I triple backed-up for safety.

    Having to tell someone, and with nobody online that I 'know,' I headed to the WGT chat room run by WGTer FuzzyGazz via an IRC website. Happily, I found a few players awake and declared the sighting. Of course they responded with, 'What's the link to the screen capture?' I had not even thought to come prepared to show the discovery.

    When asked what he remembered about that moment, FuzzyGazz said, 'My buddy Yancy popped into our chat channel very late that night like a Mr. Stanley just finding the good Doctor Livingstone! He had done it. Found the elusive WGT Sasquatch. Yancy had no picture to share uploaded yet but I had never seen him acting so goofy - I knew the hunt was over.'

    Reflecting back on that night and such, my discovery of the legendary WGT Sasquatch was not something I did alone. The continued enthusiasm of other WGTers over the past 5+ years is what was me motivationals and whatnots to go on that final hunt. The WGT community at large and the commraderie like atmosphere they have created is what kept me looking year after year. The WGT Sasquatch discovery truly belongs to all the WGTers who still 'Wanted to Believe' & kept the hunt alive. While my name is on the trophy, it belongs to the best 'online community' on the web - the WGT community!


    If you want us to feature you or someone you know in a future "19th Hole" profile, send us an email at: players[at]wgt.com

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