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  • Virtual Tour Championship Starts Today

    02 Dec 2014

    The first-ever Virtual Tour Championship tournament starts today, for the top 70 players in each tier on the overall Season Leaderboard.

    The top 70 players in the Pro thru Tour Legend tiers on the Virtual Tour Season Leaderboard have qualified for this final championship tournament on WGT, with a ONE MILLION WGT Credit purse, a value of $10,000 in credits.

    Qualifying players can post their best score in an unlimited-play first round on Kiawah, 12/2-12/5, then play a single-play second round on Pinehurst No. 2 12/6-12/8, to determine their combined final score and share of the 500,000 credit purse.

    The top 4 Tour Legends from this will also play a final round and stream it live on Twitch from 12/11-12/14, competing for another 500,000 credit purse.

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