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  • CC Event #3 This Weekend

    29 Nov 2014


    Play CC Event #3 this weekend to compete against other country clubs for new rewards, including new Dog Tee Markers and Flags for your country club tournaments, and the gold MAX CC Rewards gold putter, plus bragging rights.

    CC Event #3 runs for 48 hours all day Sat 11/29 and Sun 11/30 with multiple 4-hour Clashes, so be sure to play as many games as you can for your club this weekend, and keep your eyes on the Leaderboard.

    When a CC Event starts, anyone in your country club can enter your country club in the event. Once your club is entered, you'll get matched up with another club, similar to your club's skill level, which starts the Club Clash and a timer will show how much time is left in each 4-hour clash.

    Each Club Clash is played on nine-holes at either Kiawah, Bethpage, Olympic or Pinehurst No. 2. Post as many good rounds as you can for your country club in each Club Clash, using either a Club Pass or a new Superpass to multiply your points.

    The winning clubs in each Club Clash receive additional bonus points, and at the end of the CC Event, the Top 1,000 clubs all win some prizes like Speed Boosts, the Top 25 clubs win new Dog Tee Markers and Flagsticks (keep an eye out for a sneak preview as you play in the event!) and the first place club wins the new MAX CC Rewards Putter for a lucky member.

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