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  • CC of the Week - Morningside Hills

    22 Oct 2014

    This week's Country Club of the Week is... Morningside Hills, a club built on a strong foundation and focused on improving the club for all its members.

    Morningside Hills currently has 50 members who have contributed to reaching Club Level 7, with more than 2 million XP (experience points). At Club Level 7, they have unlocked a number of country club benefits, including a free Putter Pal and Shot Pal for all of their members and earning +5% Club XP when members play using a Pass. Keep playing using CC Passes to level up your club to unlock these benefits too.

    Club owner KevinFleenor describes the beginning of the club and it's evolution to what Morningside Hills is today, including "establishing open communication, getting ideas from all directions (big and small) and taking suggestions/criticism: welcoming them, pondering them and addressing them..."

    "Morningside Hills simply started as a small group of guys who wanted to keep track of who was winning more, with the added ability to make our own tournaments. Soon after, we brought in more people with more ideas, added some organization, tweaked things, added things, subtracted things and before long we had a true, strong foundation built - not only in structure, but also in members.

    Our club runs 'Championship Seasons,' scheduling out a series of tournaments both single and unlimited play...and we've established a nice handful of 'featured' tournaments involving Ryder Cup-style play (our beloved LaBonte Cup), elimination brackets, team total tourneys, all star events and of course some moneyball sprinkled in. The season culminates with a very competitive club championship and even a redemption bracket. Past seasons have seen anywhere from 30 to 50 members."

    The club even has a website if you want to learn more: http://www.morningsidehills.com/

    The current Weekly Leaderboard below shows The Peoples Club at #1, followed by Sherbrooke Country ClubThe old duffers retreatthe Senior Citizens and AUGUSTA NATIONAL CC.

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