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  • New Virtual U.S. Open Champions Trophy

    30 Sep 2014

    Past champions of the Virtual U.S. Open on WGT were immortalized today in New York City.

    Sarah Hirshland, Senior Managing Director of Business Affairs at the USGA, received the Virtual U.S. Open Champions trophy from Ed Willett, VP Sponsorships at WGT, in front of hundreds of people during the OnDeck sports marketing conference.

    The championship trophy includes the WGT usernames of all the Virtual U.S. Open champions since 2009...

    There are two identical championship trophies, one at USGA Headquarters in Far Hills, NJ, and one at WGT headquarters in San Francisco, CA, both of which will be updated annually with the names of future champions.

    Each of these past champions will also receive personal trophies for their own homes, and players are being contacted this week by WGT for current mailing addresses.

    The next Virtual U.S. Open is coming to WGT in Spring 2015, and will be played on the stunning Chambers Bay Golf Club on WGT. See behind-the-scenes photo from WGT crew below...

    Photos from Chambers Bay Golf Club in University Place, WA

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