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  • CC of the Week - The Peoples Club

    20 Aug 2014

    After the first week of playing all the new WGT Country Club features, we've seen many clubs (including thousands of WGT players) earning XP and leveling-up on the leaderboard.

    This week, The Peoples Club is currently at the top of the Country Club Weekly Leaderboard, having earned more than 300,000 XP.

    They are the first to reach Club Level 6, meaning they've unlocked the club benefit that earns +5% Club XP when members play using a Pass -- and this is just the latest benefit they've unlocked. At Club Level 2 all of their members got a free unlimited Putter Pal, and at Club Level 4 they all got a free unlimited Shot Pal, plus other XP bonuses and more. Visit the "Benefits" tab in the Country Club menu to see what your club will earn by leveling up.

    There are a number of clubs at Level 5 who are working their way up, including the Senior Citizens, Eagle Club Golf Association, and those old duffers again!

    The Peoples Club owner, courteneyfish, is clearly impressed with both the club members and their game play this week, as well as the new Country Club improvements...

    "My members are a great bunch but they even surprised me by getting us to the top of the tree after the first week by such a large margin. It's a great time to be playing WGT what with more country club improvements just around the corner and new courses on the horizon."

    Keep up all the great work everyone! Your club and fellow club members appreciate every little bit that you contribute.

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