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  • WGT Country Clubs Just Got Better

    12 Aug 2014

    Country Clubs in WGT just got better, as members can now help level-up their Country Club, unlocking new benefits for all other Country Club members.

    For example, at Country Club Level 2, all Country Club members get free unlimited Putter Pal, and at Level 4 all members get free unlimited Shot Pal. Additionally, members can now earn more personal XP, run more tournaments and add more members as their clubs level-up, all for free.

    To help level-up your Country Club, you'll use a new Country Club Pass, which you receive free daily, and the next round you play will earn XP (Experience Points) for both you AND your club. Players can also purchase Country Club Passes if they want to help level-up their club even faster.

    See New Country Clubs on Main Menu of Game

    There's a lot more coming for WGT Country Club members soon. If you're not in a Country Club yet, it's easy to join one or create one, and start running your own private tournaments and building a network of WGT friends.

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